7 Things you should not do in Thailand

by Female Abroad

While the Thai's are friendly people, etiquette and manners do matter to them, so to show honor to the culture you are experiencing, make sure that you do not do these seven things while in the country.

  1. Never touch some ones head or hair
    The head is sacred and seen as the cleanest part of the body in Thailand so do not touch it or the hair, even as a joke, as it is seen as being very disrespectful.

  2. Never cross your legs
    No matter if you are sitting on the floor or in a chair, do not cross your legs. The feet are seen as dirty so showing someone the bottom of your foot is disrespectful. Also make sure not to have your feet higher than someone's head especially an elderly person or a monk.

  3. Never pass anything with your left hand
    It is seen as dirty because it is used in the bathroom for things on the toilet.

  4. Never point with one finger
    Thai's do not make gestures with their hands so pointing with one finger is seen as accusatory and could be seen as you being angry.

  5. Never take Buddha out of the country
    You can buy images of Buddha but it is actually against the law to take an image of Buddha out of the country.

  6. Show everyone respect
    This is extremely important when it comes the Royal Family and Monks.

  7. Do not touch a woman in public without consent or show PDA to one you do know in public
    Touching the opposite sex in public is taboo so touching a woman in public without her consent is horrific; if she's Thai she will put you in your place quick!

Even if you do forget some of these rules, if you are quick to apologize you will generally be forgiven especially as a foreigner. If you can apologize in Thai then that is even better!