Packing per Season

by Female Abroad

While packing the usual items when you travel to Thailand is helpful or even following our how to dress in Thailand article - depending on what season you are travelling in, it can really affect what you pack as well.

Thailand's Hot Season

When is hot season? March, April, May, June

Now Thailand is normally hot and humid but during the Hot Season, it is even worse. You can expect temperatures of 29°C to 32°C (85°F to 90°F) with April and May being much hotter than March and June. The temperature tends to climb extremely quickly and the humidity is almost at the point where you can cut it with a knife. While it does randomly rain during these months, it only makes the humidity worse!

Things you must pack:

  1. refillable water bottle - hydration is extremely important and the water in Thailand is not the safest so make sure you have a good, refillable water bottle. My favorite options:
    1. This is one of my favorites as it folds up quite small: |
    2. If you are not sure if you'll have the ability or time to purchase jugs of water then the LifeStaw can help purify tap water and now comes in water bottle style: |

  2. Quick dry, light weight fabrics are going to be your favorite items so try for cotton, linen, or take a look at the active wear section for quick-dry fabrics. As a bonus, some will even have built in SPF protection.
    1. If you are going to be visiting Temples then you will need to dress modestly so think linen or cotton pants and shirt, maxi-skirts, long maxi dresses that cover the shoulders. You might even be able to find some bamboo options as it is starting to get more popular on the market.

  3. Light, slip on shoes or closed toe sandals are great for walking in just make sure they are comfortable
    1. In the temples you will also have to take your shoes off before you enter. Some even have a no sandal dress code so check before you go!

  4. Sun coverage is important so make sure that you have a good hat and sunglasses
  5. Sweat-resistant, waterproof sunscreen is a must
  6. Deet free bug spray

Thailand's Monsoon / Wet Season

When is the Monsoon / Wet Season in Thailand?

In the West (Andaman Coast): June, July, August, September, and into October

In the South & East (Thai Gulf Coast): September, October, November, December

The wet season dates do vary a bit year to year so just check the weather forecast before you go.

During these times you can expect heavy rains and rough water but this is also when a lot of cruises run as they know there will be enough water to get the boats through the rivers. Some parts of Thailand it will even rain super heavy but only for short periods of time but then there are also sometimes storms that will last for days. Flooding is common due to this, even in Bangkok. The temperatures range from 27°C to 32°C (80°F to 90°F) and the humidity makes it feel even worse.

Things you must pack:

  1. windproof umbrella
  2. waterproof rain jacket
  3. a couple pairs of shoes so one can dry while you wear the other, things like:
    1. waterproof shoes and / or hiking boots - a better option is ventilated, quick drying instead of waterproof
    2. shoes / closed toe sandals that tie or are strapped on snugly but also dry quickly
    3. make sure that they do not have a plastic bottom as you will just slide around
  4. Flashlight and power bank - just in case the power goes out
  5. tissues, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer
    1. footpaths and coble stones can have you wobbling around and if you step on a loose one then you will splash yourself with murky, foul smelling, or questionable water

Thailand's Cool / Cold Season

When are Thailand's temperatures at their lowest? November, December, January, February

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the elevation and the further north you go, the colder it will be. Cold however is not exactly the best way to describe it as temperatures are still about 26°C (78°F) but there is usually one week in December where it gets colder than that.

Things to Pack

Make sure to check the weather forecast before you go so you pack properly but you should be fine if you pack the following:

  1. rain jacket and umbrella - there is still a good chance of rain
  2. light weight, long sleeved shirts and pants that dry quickly (linen, cotton, or bamboo).
  3. thin sweater or coverup to layer if you get cold
  4. good walking shoes
  5. sunhat, sunglasses, and sun screen

Seasonal Packing Tips for Thailand

  1. Some of the major temples and tourist attractions actually rent clothes to visitors that are not covered properly. However, this means you have to stand in a usually long line before you join the quene for the attractions entrance so if you are not sure what you should wear, pack a shawl with you that can cover your chest & shoulders and wear pants or a skit that are long enough to cover your ankles.

    For example: Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaew aka Temple of the Emerald Buddha requests that men and women wear sleeved tops that cover your shoulders and midriffs. Men must wear long pants and women can wear long pants or skirts but no matter the sex, your ankles must be covered. Tight pants and flip flops are not allowed.

  2. Thailand does have some of the best hiking in the area but some trails can get intense and leeches are not an uncommon sight so make sure that you wear protective shoes. Also, waterproof shoes may seem like a great idea but Thailand's humidity will cause a lot of moisture to be trapped inside the shoe which could lead to various foot funguses so pick a ventilated, quick drying shoe instead.

  3. Pack your slip on shoes for days that you are going sight seeing but pack fancier shoes if you are going out to a show or dinner.

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