8 Things you might Want to have in Thailand

by Female Abroad

While the items on the ultimate packing list are the main ones that I would make sure I have, here are a few more important items to bring on top of the usual things that you would pack for a trip (i.e., toiletries, medications, electronics, etc.):

  1. Protein bars
    never know when you'll get hungry and not have the option to eat!

  2. Travel First-aid Kit
    with band-aids, blister band-aids, travellers diahrea med's, and things for upset stomach.

  3. Journal
    great for writing down your memories or making notes

  4. Passport photos
    if you are going to apply for a visa on arrival

  5. Earplugs - a must!
    You never know when you'll have super thin walls and traffic noises start extremely early

  6. VPN
    if you are going to do work, plan on using free Wi-Fi spots, or are needing access to certain websites then you will want a VPN as hackers use the local Wi-Fi and some websites do not work in Thailand so you'll need to spoof your location.

  7. Small Flashlight or Headlamp - very handy if you are travelling outside the major cities or in case of a power out

  8. Sleeping Bag Liner - while I have packed my items into a flat sheet from my bed to keep them somewhat dry (suitcases on tarmac's in the rain = soggy clothes), I have had friends that stay in hostels and bring their own sleeping bag liner with them to use as a thin sleeping bag when they come across questionable accommodation. Amazon.ca | Amazon.com

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