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From the moment you step into the country you will be greeted with 'the Wai' (when a person bows with their hands held together) and Thailand's motto "Mai Pen Rai" which means "Don't worry" which is a great way to be introduced to this friendly culture. Thailand is a land of grace and decency, manners and etiquette, tranquility and wildness, kindness and godliness, happiness, and let's not forget, the land of "smiles." This magnificent country is home to numerous Buddhist temples, magnificent palaces, lovely beaches, unusual fauna, wonderful spas, and more. Whether you are a hippy-chic or luxury traveller, Thailand is a place that appeals to all types of tourists.

The most important thing to note about Thailand is that there are three seasons - the dry season, the hot season, and the monsoon season. The dry season is the most popular for tourism as temperatures are cooler, leading to lower humidity. During the hot season, you can expect to see tourists and locals flocking to the beaches. If you do end up visiting during the monsoon season, then make sure to head north and not to the islands, as there is a very good chance of flooding in low lying parts; even Bangkok is not safe from them.

If history or religion are an interest of yours then Thailand is a great place to visit as there are more than 40,000 Buddhist temples. On your trip, no matter where you go in the nation, you will undoubtedly pass at least one temple and each is a testament to the nation's architectural beauty. While many have been modernized there are some cities like Sukhothai which has maintained its historical origins, dating back to the Siamese Kingdom in 1238.

The markets in Thailand are another important aspect. The Thai marketplaces are the most spectacular markets in the entire globe, every one of these marketplaces has unique characteristics, both in terms of the goods they offer and the crowds they draw. Some float, some wind around thin alley ways and apartment buildings that are packed so tight it does not make sense as to how there are so many in one spot.

Visiting anywhere in Asian during festival or holiday season will cause the country to feel like it has shut down but if you can, this can be the most culturally rich and interesting time to go if you can partake or watch any of them. Songkran, commonly referred to as the water festival, is one of the well-known celebrations with tourists scheduling their vacations to visit during this time.

Besides people, exotic wildlife can also be found in Thailand. Thailand's Central Region is home to Khao Yai National Park which is worth a visit if you are interested in seeing the animals in the area. There are also numerous beaches in Thailand's southern region that are populated by mischievous monkeys such as Koh Phi Phi's Monkey Beach. One thing to note however is that is is actually illegal to feed the animals.

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