Thailand Quick Facts

by Female Abroad

Handy information in a point form delivery for easy reference.

Weather in Thailand

November - February is high season & the best time to go

May - October is shoulder season so things will be cheap but rainy

March - April is low season as it is very humid and hot but affordable

Thailand Entry Requirements


Passport needed, make sure it is valid for at least 6 months after the last date of your trip

Most countries do not require a visa for entry but check to see if your country does require a visa to enter check out here.

Suggested Inoculations (not mandatory): typhoid, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis

Language Spoken in Thailand

Thai but some places in the larger cities may have people that can speak some English

Currency in Thailand

Thai Baht

USD will be accepted in some places as tips, in Bangkok some cab's will take it

Random Tips

  1. Tipping is only expected for tours and taxi drivers
  2. Cover your shoulders and legs when visiting holy places
  3. Always ask before taking a photo of someone as some people believe you can steal their soul by taking a photo
  4. When you are met, a Thai may press their hands together and bow slightly. If they do, do the same back. Other's will just shake hands
  5. Remove your shoes before entering someone's home. Don't step on thresholds. Knock before entering a room to let any spirits know that you are there.
  6. Never touch, sit next to or sit higher than a monk - especially if you are a women
  7. Haggling is expected from street vendors but don't haggle with food vendors

What to Eat in Thailand

Specialties: Curries (green, yellow, or red), Green Papaya Salad, Pad Thai, Fried Silkworms, Satays, Grass Jelly, Iced Tea, Punch

​Do not use chop sticks - this is due to a hatred of the Chinese ruling history
Hold a fork in the left hand and a spoon in your right.
Use the fork to push food onto the spoon.
The fork is not to enter into your mouth.

Popular Cities in Thailand


Chiang Mai

Phuket (poo-ket not fuck-it and you are not being funny)





Hua Hin

Ko Too

Similan Islands



What to do in Thailand

Phimal Park

Prasat Hin Phimai

Kanchanaburi Underground Cave Shrines

Mae Hong Son Markey Stalls

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Wat Pho & Wat Phra Koew

Khmer Temples

Giraffe Neck People (Kayan Long Neck Tribe Village)

Sea Cliffs

Culinary Classes


Basic Sayings & Words in Thai

Hello: sah-wat-deee

Goodbye: lahh-khahn

Please: kah-roon-ahh

Thank You: kop koohn

You're Welcome: mai-pen-drai

Pardon Me?: kah-tohht

English?: pah-sah ahn-greel

Yes: chai

No: mai chai

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