What is Southeast ASIA?

by Female Abroad

When you hear Southeast Asia, it usually conjures up visions of serene forests, meditating monks, and pandas, but throughout Southeast Asia you will start to realize there is so much more to this sub-region of Asia. Pre-COVID it was the spot where budget travellers usually headed but as the world starts to open up post-COVID, a few of the countries are trying to escape from the budget traveller haven's they had become over the years.

What Countries Make Up Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia covers all the countries that call between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, along the coast + the Malay Archipelago.

SEA is made up of these Mainland countries:

  1. Thailand
  2. Cambodia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Laos
  5. Burma (Myanmar)

Plus these Malay Archipelago Islands:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Brunei
  3. Timor-Leste
  4. Philippines
  5. Singapore

This country is partly on the Mainland but also has islands in the Archipelago:

  1. Malaysia

Across these 11 countries lies 8.5% of the world's population. If you head out of the cities and into the country, then you will be asking yourself where everyone is. However, if you do decide to spend time in the major cities, you will find people on top of people, with most cities sprawling out further than most American cities. Another thing, besides the traffic, you may notice is the variety of architectural styles. Over the years, most of these countries have gone through a variety of colonizers, from European countries like France, England, and the Netherlands to Asian ones like China and Japan. Besides the architecture, you will also notice their influences in food, cooking styles, culture, and so much more. These countries really are a melting pot of history.

What Countries Make up Southeast Asia?(FAQ)