When Should I Travel?

by Female Abroad

When should I travel?

This is a question that I received a lot while working at a travel agency. I always replied back with more questions to try to find the answer.

Where are you going?

What do you want to do?

Who is going with you?

When are you able to travel?

How much time do you have?

These simple questions can solve the big conundrum right off the bat. I could tell you how wonderful it is to head to Dublin in May but if you can't book time off work then, what's the point? If you want to go to go to India but only have Monsoon season open then I'd be suggesting other locations for that time of season or the best dates you could go so you can plan for the next year. If you only have 4 days to get away then I wouldn't suggest going somewhere with a massive time change although I know how much you've been wanting to visit Hong Kong.

Have kids still in school that will be traveling with you? Usually families won't want to be traveling during their school year. What breaks do they have?

Want to go to the Caribbean? Probably don't want to go during hurricane season. What do you want to do while there? That might be hindered as most tour companies and even hotels are closed during this time.

Sometimes people just don't think things through and that is when you as an experienced person need to assist them in finding a safe alternative or explain to them why its not feasible:

I want to do a self drive around Norway but I can only do it in November and I just have a two week window. Do you know how large Norway is? How about the fact that it actually snows there, are you comfortable driving in the snow with the possibility of roads being closed - plus the insurance may not cover damage from falling ice or black ice crashes? Why not save it for another year and do something else in the meantime?

I have 4 days and have always wanted to visit Hong Kong. Where are you flying from? If it's Canada then have you thought about the jet leg and the flight lengths? That four days really is 2 if you are lucky and pay more money for the better, direct flights.

I personally find myself traveling a lot in September just after the kids go back to school. It's usually cheaper, less crowded, and there are a lot of gorgeous countries to see in the fall. However if I had kids this might not be possible, it works with my lifestyle and you need to think about yours before booking a trip.