Do international flight prices go down?

by Female Abroad

We are observing that due to the pandemic, the most affected industries in 2020 like airlines, are causing a decline in the price of international flights. There are several reasons why it occurs, which in turn, causes certain types of flight business to decline and others to increase.

Ways to Save Money on International Flights

1. Compare the offerings on several websites.

You should always compare the deals with the different websites. When you start searching the various websites, you may notice that some will give a significant amount of a discount on different trip aspects, such as you can get a luxurious hotel to stay at a low cost. So while you may not necessarily save on flights, if you can save on something else it is still a win in the end.

2. Check your credit card perks

These days almost everyone has a credit card but not everyone knows that they may also have perks with them. You might have points you can redeem, cashback earned, insurances, or even deals with specific airlines on everything from free upgrades to lounge passes and more.

3. Flexibility

The further you can book out from your trip will give you the best deal because as flights fill up, prices increase. You may score on seat sales if you leave it to the last minute as well. You could also save money if you leave a few days +/- your planned dates too. The more flexibility you have, the more deals you will find.

4. Keep an eye on flights
App's like Hopper and Google Flights can tell you if flights are currently higher, lower, or the same as normal for the days you are looking at. You can also use these trackers to guess when the best time to buy flights will be and they will even alert you when prices drop so you do not need to keep watching them.

Are there any other ways to save on international flights you've used that I don't mention? Let us know!