What happens if my flight price drops?

by Female Abroad

If you already have booked your Airlines reservations and the price drops or a seat sale appears then you might regret your booking decision. But you can rebook your flight with American Airlines at the price after the drop. For this you just need to use some hacks that you can try to see if you can get some money back on the tickets you just booked.

If Flight Price Drops Within 24 Hours of Booking The Flight

Depending on the airline, you may actually cancel your ticket if it is within 24 hours of booking the flight. Airlines like Air Canada, United, American Airways have this 24 hour window but they do not advertise it. If you are unsure if your ticket falls into this 24 hour window or if your airline offers the 24 hour window, just pickup the phone and call an agent to see what can be done with your ticket. They may give you a flight credit for the difference or tell you they cannot do anything. Never hurts to ask!

If Flight Price Drops More Than 24 Hours After Booking

If 24 hours have passed since you purchased the ticket, then you will need to know the refund / cancellation policy on your ticket. If you book the cheapest ticket, then it will usually be non-refundable. Just because you booked an economy ticket, it does not always mean that it will be non-refundable because there are different classes within each fare class. This will get a bit technical, but there are fares such as Discount Economy Class, Discount 7 Days, Full Economy Fare, and such that all have different cancellation rules. Unless you are a travel agent or use points to book regularly, you may not even realize that the "Fare Class Y" on your ticket actually means something.

As I had mentioned before, if you are unsure and would really like to see if the airline will do anything regarding the price drop, just pick up the phone and ask the airline!