Make it a Cultural Trip

by Female Abroad

Barbados is a melting pot of cultural diversity and makes for an intriguing vacation destination because it draws elements from both West African and British traditions. It's never a bad idea to incorporate a cultural theme into your vacation, and staying in one of the lovely Barbados boutique hotels will give you the best of both worlds in addition to having some of the following sites easily accessible.

Parliament Buildings in Parliament Square
The nation's capital, Bridgetown, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, must be visited. It boasts a variety of historically significant structures that are still standing and show the early influences on the city's architecture. For instance, the 1870s-period Parliament Buildings are reminiscent of the Victorian era in Great Britain. The Parliament Buildings, which are still one of the island's biggest attractions today, are ornately decked and illuminated every November and December. Boutique hotels in the city will enable visitors to Barbados to enjoy the magnificence of the structures up close. The clock tower off the west wing of the Parliament Buildings is another noteworthy aspect that highlights the British influence on the island. It features a four-faced clock that is readily visible from numerous locations throughout the city, making it a significant and well-known landmark.

The Garrison Historic Area Near Heroes Square
St. Ann's Garrison, more commonly referred to as simply The Garrison, functioned as the British West Indies Regiment's command centre from the 18th through the 19th century. It is a sizable compound that still has some of the most famous historical items that were present when it was constructed. The National Cannon Collection, which houses some of the oldest preserved British cannons in the world, is one of its most well-known attractions. Staying near The Garrison will give you many possibilities to visit this significant historical site. There are some lovely boutique hotels in Barbados. Additionally, it is the location of the Garrison Savannah, a storied horse-racing track that still hosts the Triple Crown and Gold Cup events every year.

Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels on St. Michael's Row
The Cathedral Church of Saint Michael and All Angels is another landmark of stunning architecture and historical significance in Bridgetown. This is a must-see for those who want to understand more about the history and culture of the nation. While visiting Barbados, boutique hotels near Bridgetown will put you in close proximity to this location, making transportation unnecessary. The cathedral, which was first a tiny wooden parish church and is thought to have been constructed in the 1660s, was renovated in 1789 and designated as a cathedral in 1825. It has sustained damage from two storms over the centuries—the first in 1780 and the second in 1831. The cathedral now has a stunning tower and elaborate stained glass windows. An old-fashioned marble font from the 1600s can be found inside. Two well-known Barbadian figures rest in peace in the cemetery adjacent to the cathedral: Sir Grantley Adams, the first Prime Minister of the West Indies, and Tom Adams, who succeeded him as Prime Minister.