19+ Unique Things to Do

by Female Abroad

When you are finally in Barbados you will have to do something (or you can just hang out at your hotel). In this article you will learn about the island's attractions, shopping, and beaches.

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Island Attractions

  1. Andromeda Gardens
    Established over 60 years ago by one of the islands best horticulturists, this 2.4 hectare botanical garden has 600+ species of plants from around the world.

  2. Harrison's Cave Eco-Adventure Park
    This natural phenomenon, a massive lime stone cave is unique to the tropical world and an underground train will take you throughout the various stalactites and stalagmites around the area.

  3. St. Nicholas Abbey
    Built in 1650, this Abbey is the oldest house on the island and you can take a self-guided tour to explore a variety of artifacts from the Amerindian settlement through colonial times. There is also an artisan distillery onsite, as well as a narrated train ride around the grounds.

  4. St. John's Parish Church
    One of Barbado's oldest churches, it was built in 1645, it has been damaged by fires and hurricanes while constantly being rebuilt with the most recent version being from 1836. It was also built on-top of an inland bluff with spectacular views of the eastern shore. The tomb of Ferdinand Paleologus (descendant of Emperor Constantine) is also found here.

  5. Farley Hill National Park
    This national park is home to the Grenade Hall Plantation Ruins, which were built in the 17th century and was once one of the most opulent buildings on the island. Now it is a lovely place to wander around with views over the Atlantic coast and a mahogany forest.

  6. Morgan Lewis Windmill
    Built in 1727 it is one of the many Barbadian windmills once used to produce sugar, and one of the two last functioning sugar windmills in the world. It is the last fully complete sugar windmill in the world.

  7. Barbados Wildlife Reserve
    Established by Canadian primatologist Jean Baulu and his wife, Suzanne. They first founded the Barbados Primate Research Centre on the site in 1982, for the conservation and study of Green Monkeys, which were brought to Barbados in the 17th century and are now widespread on the island. Your ticket also includes admission to the Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station.

  8. Tyrol Cot Heritage Village
    Museum featuring Georgian-style chattel houses and an 1854 coral stone mansion with antiques, plus a rum shop.

  9. Flower Forest Garden
    This stunning 50-hectre botanical garden is a home to a multitude of majestic palms, tropical flowers, colorful shrubs, and monkey's.

  10. Gun Hill Signal Station
    One of the best locations for views of the island, at least magnificent views of the west coast. Built in the 19th century the entre area is one of the most important military outposts in Barbados with military mentions dating back to 1697.

  11. Welchman Hall Gully
    A popular, paved forested walk that opened in 1866 and provides daily monkey feedings. It is also from here that the grapefruit is thought to have originated from.

  12. Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station
    This restored signal station is surrounded by nature and panoramic views. The admission fee also gets you into the Barbados Wildlife Reserve which is connected.

  13. Barbados Museum & Historical Society
    Located in a UNESCO World Heritage site, this former 19th century prison features over 500,00 artefacts throughout the property.

  14. Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre
    The 45-min tour will kick off with complimentary welcome Rum Punch. While you enjoy your cocktail your host will take you on a journey through the Legacy Museum which offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into the illustrious history of Mount Gay Rum and the island of Barbados.

  15. Michael's Cathedral
    The first building on this site was consecrated in 1665 for 300 worshippers, the current building is a UNESCO site that was built in 1780. It is walking distance to the National Heroes Square (formerly Trafalger Square), which is the centre of Barbados.

  16. Nidhe Israel Synagogue
    One of the oldest synagogues in the Western Hemisphere originally being built in 1628 then rebuilt in 1833 after a hurricane, falling into disrepair in the mid-1900's before being fully renovated and reopened in 1989. It became a UNESCO site in 2011.

  17. Animal Flower Cave
    This scenic restaurant is inside a cave with views out over where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meets.

  18. The Food
    Bridgetown is full of wonderful restaurants and some great Bajan cuisine, it is a real shame to miss out. Take the time to explore the city, looking at the historic architecture while taking in the culture.


  1. Crane Beach
    Known for its silky pink sand

  2. Miami Beach aka Enterprise Bay
    Rarely crowded beach made up of a modest strip of white sand beach at the end of a fishing village in a sheltered bay making it a favorite with locals and ideal for children

  3. Rockley Beach aka Accra Beach
    Super popular south coast beach due to its white sand and gentle surf with lifeguards. The southern end has a rocks that protect a small pool-like area which is great for kids.

  4. Mullins Beach
    Calm water with a clean beach but the water covers a bunch of rocks in some spots so it makes it better for swimming and snorkeling than walking in.

  5. Pebbles Beach
    Usually crowded on the weekends, this white sand beach is one of the most popular on the island.
    Head to the south/west coast for water skiing and parasailing
    Head to south coast for windsurfing

  6. Bathsheba Beach
    A gorgeous beach with giant boulders, but swimming is dangerous due to the strong and fast undercurrent.

  7. Folkestone Underwater Park and Marine Reserve
    A family oriented marine park is ​popular for diving and snorkeling. It also has an underwater museum park that displays various photographs, artefacts, and other specimens if you are interested in a snorkel.

  8. Carlisle Bay
    This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most popular spots on the island for diving due to it being a protected marine area with hidden goodies like cannonballs and shipwrecks. The Boatyard Beach Club has day packages for cruise passengers.

  9. Browne's Beach
    5-minutes walk from Bridgetown, this relaxed, family-friendly beach has soft, clean, and pristine sand.


  1. Broad Street
    This is the "main" street of Bridgetown with banks, malls, restaurants, and duty free shopping all found within colonial buildings. Here you can find Duty-Free shops that sell everything from diamonds to watches, Colombian emeralds to makeup, and more.

  2. Pelican Village Craft Centre
    The largest arts and crafts collection on the island, with a cluster of workshops that feature local artists.

  3. Best of Barbados Shop
    Family owned and operated since 1975 and features a variety of items from books to pottery, giftware to art, and more. There are five locations around the island.

NOTE: if you are going to buy duty free shopping then you will have to show your passport and possibly your room / cabin room key card