Barbados Attractions to See by Car

by Female Abroad

Barbados is a stunning island with lots of opportunities for entertainment, recreation, culture, cuisine, and shopping. Since there is so much to see and do on the island, a Barbados car rental is necessary to see it all plus it makes it easier to get around the numerous historical, architectural, and natural landmarks. .

Welchman Hall Gully

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Welchman Hall Gully is a fantastic attraction. To find peace and get a glimpse of how the island would have looked three hundred years ago, take a hike down the gully. More than 150 forms and 36 stock designs are used in the production of dinnerware and serving ware by Earthworks Pottery.

See the Super Natural

On top of sandstone rock and coral that were forced out of the water by previous volcanic activity, Barbados is home to a variety of distinct soils and plants. The island's terrain consists of rocky hills and lakes, as well as a huge subsurface network of rivers and caverns. These water sources provide tasty and clear drinking water. The underground water system is located within coral rocks and is shielded from view by a foot-thick topsoil layer. The ancient sugar plantations were supported by the delicate balance, which is essential. The soil can now support an expanding base of agricultural production.

Mount Gay Visitors Center

Visitors may enjoy a variety of fantastic attractions in Barbados. To learn more about the unique history of Mount Gay Rum, visit the Mount Gay Visitors Center. Discover the three centuries of legacy, method, and history that go into making the oldest rum in the world.

Flower Forest

The 53.6 acres of the Flower Forest are filled with lovely walkways, trees, and flowers. Seven acres of wild gardens can be found in the Barbados Scotland District, which is situated 750 feet above sea level in the Flower Forest. All year long, there are blooms, and there are sweeping vistas of Chalky Mount and the East Coast.

Harrison's Cave

Visitors can drive to and explore a variety of stunning caverns. Harrison's Cave is the best cave and is regarded as one of Barbados' seven wonders. The cave was constructed and planted in the 1970s using resources from science, art, technology, and geology. Underground streams were channelled, lighting was enhanced, and tunnels were constructed. The cave is a breathtaking gallery of stalactites that rise from the ground and hang from the cave's roof. Deep green pools can be seen where streams of crystal-clear running water have formed as a result of magnificent waterfalls.


There are many duty-free stores that offer a variety of goods, including exquisite china, liquor, and jewellery. Additionally, there are street vendors selling every product imaginable in the city. Bridgetown is home to the Parliament buildings. The third-oldest in the Commonwealth, Bridgetown's Parliament buildings date back to 1639.

Various Towns / Villages

Many towns and villages can be visited while driving across Barbados to give tourists a first-hand view of what makes the island beautiful and old-world. Barbados' capital city and primary commercial district is Bridgetown. The first commercial hub in Barbados was Speightstown, which is located in the northern section of the island. The town of Speightstown has been revitalised and brought back to its previous splendour after being neglected for a long time. The city is a great destination to spend some time and has a rich architectural history. There are numerous stores to peruse, an art gallery to see, and restaurants on the seashore where guests may savour a delectable meal and a breathtaking view.

7 Barbados Wonders

If you don't want to explore all of the island, then you can check out the seven Barbados wonders:

  1. Harrison's Cave
  2. The Baobab Tree
  3. Barbados Nidhe Israel Synagogue
  4. Historic Jacobean Mansions
  5. Morgan Lewis Mill
  6. Cannon Galore,
  7. Grapefruit Tree aka popularly known as Citrus Paradise