10 Unique Antigua Adventures

by Female Abroad

Antigua, a beautiful island located in the Caribbean, offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some lesser-known things you might not have realized you could do on Antigua as well as a few tour suggestions:

  1. Explore Hidden Beaches
    While Antigua is known for its stunning beaches, there are several hidden gems that are less crowded and offer a more secluded experience. Our favourites include Half Moon Bay, Darkwood Beach, and Rendezvous Bay.
    1. Antigua Reef Riders Self-Drive Boat and Snorkeling Tour - explore the coast by Darkwood Beach before snorkeling the Cades Reef
    2. The Xtreme Circumnavigation - swim with sting rays, boat around the island, snorkel at the Pillars of Hercules, swim at Rendezvous Bay, and enjoy a lunch on the beach.
    3. Take a private tour with a snack stop at a quiet local beach after snorkeling
    4. If you really want privacy, then this tour is for you as it will take you to the private island of Laviscount. While not quite a beach day you do get lunch, a chance to see the giant Aldabra tortoises, and snorkel in the mangroves.

  2. Visit Betty's Hope
    This historic sugar plantation is a fascinating site to explore in Antigua. You can learn about the island's colonial history, see the restored stone windmill towers, and take a walk through the ruins of the sugar mills.
    1. Take a VIP tour and you decide the itinerary
    2. This tour will take you to Nelson's Dockyard, Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, Dow's Hill, and Shirley Heights

  3. Hike to Shirley Heights
    For a breathtaking view of Antigua, take a hike to Shirley Heights, which is located in English Harbour. This lookout point provides panoramic vistas of the island and is especially popular during sunset (super romantic), plus on Sundays when the famous Shirley Heights Jump-Up party takes place.
    1. See the best of the area and avoid getting lost with a guided hike
    2. Want to see a lot of the island but not necessarily hike it all? How about Biking, Kayaking, and Hiking it?

  4. Take a Kayaking Adventure
    Discover Antigua's mangrove ecosystems and hidden coves by embarking on a kayaking excursion. Guided tours are available, allowing you to paddle through serene waters, observe marine life, and explore the island's natural beauty.
    1. With historic Sites, reef Snorkeling, and Mangrove Kayaking will make sure you have all the tourist favorites crossed off your list on this tour
    2. Paddle boarding, snorkeling, and kayaking, oh my! This tour provides a mixture of the three to explore shipwrecks, reefs, and more.
    3. You could always just rent a clear Kayak and head out to see what you can find!

  5. Visit Great Bird Island
    Located just off the northeastern coast of Antigua, Great Bird Island is a small, uninhabited nature reserve. Take a boat tour to the island and spend the day snorkeling, hiking, and/or relaxing on pristine beaches.
    1. Snorkel with a Lobster Lunch on a cruise to Bird and Maiden Island
    2. Bird watch at Great Bird Island, cave at Hell's Gate, learn about turtle conservation, and more with lunch included

  6. Explore Nelson's Dockyard National Park
    Antigua's rich maritime history is showcased in Nelson's Dockyard National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features restored naval buildings, historic forts, and a museum. You can learn about the island's naval heritage and enjoy waterfront dining and shopping in the surrounding area. In the off-season, there is a very small market at the entrance (souvenirs are made in China and can be found anywhere on most Caribbean islands), plus the museum is open, but everything else is closed. However, in the off-season, it is not busy, and you can get some gorgeous photos along with the free tour.
    1. Instead of walking around the dockyard, you could always see it from the water
    2. This tour will take you to Nelson's Dockyard, Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, Dow's Hill, and Shirley Heights

  7. Go Ziplining
    If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, head to Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tours for a thrilling ziplining adventure. Soar through the lush rainforest canopy, enjoying panoramic views of the island while experiencing an exhilarating activity.

  8. Discover Devil's Bridge
    Located on the northeastern coast, Devil's Bridge is a natural limestone arch carved by the Atlantic Ocean, and it is said to be one of the locations where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. Besides marveling at the geological wonder, you can witness powerful waves crashing against the rocks, creating impressive displays of natural beauty.
    1. Take a scenic tour of the island with a stop off at the Devil's Bridge

  9. Underwater Jetski
    Antigua's consistent trade winds and pristine waters make it an ideal destination for water activity enthusiasts. If you are not into snorkeling or are not a strong swimmer, then a sea scooter (aka underwater jetski) might be right up your alley!
    1. This tour starts your with instruction before you can head out to explore Galleon Beach

  10. Experience Antiguan Cuisine
    Indulge in the local flavors of Antigua by trying traditional dishes such as saltfish and fungee, ducana, and pepperpot. You can find these dishes at a variety of local restaurants, food stalls, and street vendors.
    1. Take a food tour - try a variety of food and rum in Heritage Quay (near the cruise port)
    2. Head to a Beach Bar - Dickenson Bay is a gorgeous beach and with locally caught lobster you cannot go wrong
    3. Take a Cooking Lesson - Learn to Cook with Jerk or with Rum

The island is full of surprises and offers something for everyone, whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a glimpse into its rich history and culture. Safe travels!

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