Shopping in Antigua

by Female Abroad

When it comes to cruising a lot of people head to the Caribbean to partake in the duty free shopping and the ports are usually loaded with stores that are all competing for your money. With different cruise lines all docking in these ports and with so many different shops, there are backend agreements that are made and the following list are the shops that Celebrity Cruises recommended that we visit. Before I get into that, one thing to note is that the official currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) but everything will be priced in USD and they prefer to be paid in USD.

  1. Diamonds International Diamond seller with over 30 years of experience and they also carry a variety of luxury watches and non-diamond jewelry. This is also where you can get your free bracelet & charm
  2. Crown of Light Specialty Shop Found within the Diamonds International shop and sells the #1 diamond brand in the Caribbean
  3. Safi Kilima Tanzanite Gallery Sells lose Tanzanite stones as well as premade jewelry
  4. Tanzanite International More Tanzanite jewelry
  5. Diamonds International Watch & Design Various luxury watches
  6. Colombian Emeralds International Over 40 years of experience selling emeralds
  7. The Goldsmitty Home of the Antiguanite which is petrified coral. They also sell rare gemstones and can create custom pieces
  8. Natura Locally made gifts, food, and wellness products
  9. Sunseakers & Gingerlily Various clothing options

One good thing about buying from these recommended shops is that the cruise line has made an agreement with them that for 30-days they will replace or repair unsatisfactory options (unless it was caused by the buyer). If the problem happens while on the cruise then you can speak with Shopping Guide on the ship. If it happens after the cruise then you can contact Royal Media Partners at

Bonus: recommended restaurants

  1. Hemingway's Caribbean Café Historical 1800's building that over looks the city while servicing authentic creole cuisine
  2. The Big Banana Pizza Co Famous for being the Best Pizza on Antigua

If you are headed to Antigua there are sooooo many more shops to explore than just these 8 places, these are just the ones that were recommended to us by the cruise line.