Cruising To Antigua

by Female Abroad

A lot of Caribbean cruises are adding the little island of Antigua to their itineraries as it's safe, along the way, and makes for a good day stop. Here are some quick facts about cruising into Antigua.

St. John's is the city that you will dock into

- This city has two piers but the most used one is Heritage Quay

- Heritage Quay features condo's, shops, casinos, restaurants, an information booth, and it's just walking distance to the city's attractions

. - No matter which one you dock at, they are roughly 2 blocks away from each other

- Both are also located right in the heard of the busiest commercial area on the island

If you are wanting to explore more of the island; taxi's are readily available and a lot can be hired as guides for the day

- Fares are fixed so there are no meters and drivers are required to carry a rate card

- Make sure you agree on the price before getting in!

- Double check if the price is round trip or one way.

- A tip of 10% will be expected

Car rentals can be a hassle you will have to buy a temporary driving permit prior to renting

St. Johns Highlights

- 15 minutes away is the Dickenson Bay Beach

- English Harbour is about a U$50 roundtrip drive from the port and there is an additional U$8 entrance fee to get into Nelson's Dockyard

- St. John's Cathedral is the island's most prominent landmark

- Betty's Hope, here you will find windmill towers from the first sugar plantation on the island and an open air museum

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