4 Must do Canadian Experiences

by Female Abroad

Canada is a massive country with so much to see across the entire expanse that it can be very difficult to actually decide on where you want to go or what you want to see. Due to seeing a lot of people thinking that they can just drive to Vancouver from Toronto while on a one week trip (I mean you could but your entire trip would be in a car, if you don't stop then the drive takes 3 days) so if Canada is somewhere that you want to visit, an article that focuses on a few top attractions may help give you an idea as to what is available and where in Canada you want to go.

Eastern Canada

1. CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario

One of the most well known iconic, Canadian buildings and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the CN Tower is a must do in Toronto. At over 550m tall it was the tallest free standing structure from the time it was built in the 1970's all the way up until the UAE's Burj Khalifa was opened in 2010. It is however the original tower with places like Seattle's Space Needle and Vancouver's Harbour Front Centre copying the design. At 147 stories above the ground, the Sky Pod is one of the highest viewing platforms in the world and other highlights include the ability to bungee jump from the tower, go on a climb on the outside, or if you are less daring then look straight down through the glass floor.

2. Carnaval de Quebec (Winter Carnival Quebec), Quebec City, Quebec

Since 1955 the last two weeks of January or the first two of February has been Carnaval time in Quebec City. Experiences like Bonhomme’s Ice Palace, Ice Canoe Races, Night Parades, skating on the canal, snow baths, ice fishing, and more are highlights of this yearly carnival. It is a very family friendly atmosphere that highlights the best of the Quebecois Culture.

West Coast

3. Stanley Park

Vancouverites tend to take this city park for granted. It is regularly voted the world's best city park (yes, beating out Central Park in New York) and is a must for any visitors. With over 1,000 acres the park features a variety of trails, the Vancouver Aquarium, Miniature Railway (it used to be part of the Vancouver Zoo), children's petting zoo & water park, tennis courts, putting greens, playgrounds, beaches, the 9 o'clock gun, and an outdoor pool. The seawall is the most well known spot and goes all around the peninsula from Coal Harbour to Yaletown. It has scenic views of both Downtown Vancouver, Kits, and the North Shore to give you something to look at while you walk, run, or cycle it.

4. Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains is a mountain range that separates Alberta from British Columbia. With a variety of skiing / boarding in the winter and hiking during the summer there is something for any outdoorsy person. If you would rather be pampered then the Fairmont Hotel's have you covered with spots in Jasper (a known Royal Honeymoon haven), Lake Louise (known for the gorgeous lake), Banff (skiing), and both Edmonton as well as Calgary. Each location features a world class spa and a variety of activities for those that are less adventure inclined and more relaxing hunting.

While these are just two sections of the country there is a lot more to explore and if you really do want to Quebec and BC while on vacation then you could look at VIA Rail which features trains that run to a variety of locations across the country. If you are arriving October to April then this would also be the preferred way to travel instead of driving as there is an extremely good chance of snow at the higher elevations and you will need snow tires to drive the mountain passes.