13 Interesting Facts About Canada

by Female Abroad

The top half of North America is a popular tourist destination called Canada. Here this country of vibrant cities, alluring wilderness, and vast heritage is a treasure-trove of breathtaking spots. Lake to mountains, forest to natural heritage, and everything in between you can expect to fall in love with this "wildhood". While there are many interesting facts that make Canada unique, these are the ones I thought I would share whether a local or not.

1. Canada got its original name from the St. Larence Iroquoian - Kanata. Kanata means "village" or "settlement" in Iroquoian.

2. Next to Russia, Canada is the second largest country in the world.

3. At 151, 6000 mi of coastline, Canada has the longest coastline in the world

4. In 1965 Canada adopted the flag that it is known for today - 2 red bars on a sea of white with a maple leaf in the middle.

5. Canada has 9% of the world's water supply. It also hosts the highest number of lakes in the world.

6. Canada is one of the most literate countries in the world at a 99% literacy rate.

7. Americans try to be Canadian while travelling. Besides Canadians, Americans usually carry the Canadian flag wherever they go.

8. Ice Hockey was introduced to the world when rules were published in the Montreal Gazette in 1877.

9. Canada is the largest producer of Icewine.

10. There is only one desert in Canada which is found in BC and it is 15 mi long.

11. If you drive on Canada, it is on the left side even though they are technically still a British nation.

12. Protecting the environment is important here so make sure to what you can / cannot recycle depending on the city you are in.

13. Canada shares the longest border in the world with the USA at 1,538 mi. There was actually a law put in place in 1908 that there needs to be a 20 foot piece of land (10 ft on each side of the border) clear along the entire length of it so trees and brush are cleared out of the area.