The Bronx

by Female Abroad

One of the last areas of New York to be developed from a small fishing village into an urban sprawl; it has definitely made up over the years by becoming the third most densely populated county in the USA but it is also one of the poorest areas in the US as well.

Don't let the fact that the neighborhood is considered poor worry you. If it was still the 1960s/70s then you would want to stay away but it is actually safer than Brooklyn even though Brooklyn has been gentrified with pretty tree lined streets. The Bronx while it might not have tree lined streets, it has a lot of parks and plazas so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Areas: known for

  1. Riverdale: wave hill botanical garden & Gaelic park where Manhattan College's sports teams play
  2. Fieldston: rural, affluent neighborhood
  3. Spuyten Duyvil: 16-foot bronze statue of Henry Hudson
  4. Schuylerville: middle class neighborhood
  5. Pelham Bay: the part of Pelham Park that has the lake
  6. Pelham Gardens: formerly home to the Siwanoy Native Americans
  7. Morris Park: medical schools & centres (The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Jaconi Medical Center, Bronx Psychiatric Center, etc)
  8. Country Club: contains the largest park in NYC

Besides J. Lo and Edgar Allan Poe living out the remaining years of his life here, Hip Hop is said to have grown in popularity here due to a house party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave with the sound rising from the Latin Jazz the area was known for. Some people do call it the 'birthplace" of hip hop but that is hard to narrow down as there were lots of places in the 70's that were starting make this music, the Bronx just made it big.


  1. New York Yankees
  2. Off-Off Broadway
  3. Bronx Zoo
  4. New York Botanical Gardens
  5. Fordham / Belmont St: "real Little Italy"
  6. Art Deco buildings
  7. Woodlawn Cemetery