by Female Abroad

This very populated NYC borough was actually named after a Dutch village (Breukelen). Although, Dutch this borough is not. Out of the five boroughs this is considered the most "real" New York. Even as the residents have changed (thanks to gentrification) this is one of the first places that started the hipster movement with a large push of the Avant Garde back in the early to mid noughties. Now you can expect lots of entrepreneurs from technology start up firms although the art side of Brooklyn has not left, it has just become more post modern in style to match with the grown up hipster vibe.

Areas: known for

  1. Brownsville: home to highest crime and poverty rates in NYC
  2. Bushwick: working class neighborhood
  3. Williamsburg: hipster central with great nightlife, also called "Little Berlin" due to it's indie rock / electroclash music
  4. Greenpoint: "Little Poland"
  5. Park Slope: near Prospect park & the Botanic garden, historic buildings, highly rated restaurants & bars
  6. Prospect Heights: near Barclay's center, mix of old & new
  7. Red Hook: formerly a shipping port now its known for it's IKEA and a park


  1. Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  2. Coney Island
  3. Floyd Bennett Field
  4. Wood Cemetery Green
  5. Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
  6. New York Transit Museum
  7. Prospect Park is a public park, Prospect Park Zoo, the Boathouse, Brooklyn's only lake, the Bandshell (free outdoor concerts in the summer), and the annual Halloween Parade
  8. Fort Greene Park
  9. Brooklyn Nets
  10. New York Islanders
  11. Brooklyn Bridge (connects the borough to Manhattan)

If you are staying in Brooklyn, it will be very easy for you to pop over to Queens so check out my Queens, NYC article to find out what you can do when you are over there.