Staten Island

by Female Abroad

Once part of New Jersey, this lonely island is separated from both New York City and New Jersey by tidal straight or a river. Due to it's location, it is an island that has a lot of parks and some great views of the surrounding areas. Most people head to Staten Island not because it's usually cheaper than it's counterparts or because they have the first outlet mall in New York, it is mostly for culture. The majority of where you will go you, will catch a glimpse of art or hear music. Due to the affordability and the proximity to Manhattan a lot of film industry people live here and this is also one of the reasons why they have created SIFF (Staten Island Film Festival).

Staten Island is the only borough in NYC that does not have underground transit. It is connected to Brooklyn by the Verrazno-Narrows Bridge, New Jersey via three bridges, and Manhattan by a free ferry that goes past the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Downtown Manhattan.

Area: Known for

  1. North Shore: most urban part of the island
  2. South shore: residential areas
  3. Mid-Island: gentrification

Due to the newer tourist bureau initiative's, Staten Island is being more advertised now than ever. If you are wanting to learn more about the individual communities (all 62) under the three areas, I have found this real estate website has great information on the majority of the communities:


  1. Staten Island Zoo
  2. Empire Outlets / Harbor Commons
  3. Moses Mountain
  4. Postcards 9/11 Memorial
  5. Historic Richmond Town
  6. Seguine Mansion
  7. The world's largest landfill (closed in 2001 and houses the debris from the Sept 11 attacks); soon to be NYC's largest park