How do I Contact Celebrity Cruise?

by Female Abroad

Celebrity Cruises is a mid-range cruise line based out of Miami, Florida. In addition to offering passenger transportation services, Celebrity Cruise also has a unique and distinct customer service division with help being given before, during, and even after their trip. Here are the ways to contact Celebrity Cruise's customer care number and other platforms, bringing you closer to the company and its other services.

  1. Phone: 1-844-418-6824 | 0344 493 2043 - the easiest way to get a hold of Celebrity is by calling them as they are active 24/7 in some parts of the world.
  2. Chat: if you go onto their website - - they do have a chat feature that is available at certain times of the day.
  3. Email: if you have a question of concern that you can email Celebrity at: [email protected] . This is not to make bookings on!

Calling will be the best way to book, have questions answered, make changes / cancel your reservations, or anything else you may require help with while the chat can answer basic questions and email is really the final option as it can take about 2 business days to get a response.

When you are onboard the ship and have an issue then you will want to visit Guest Services / the Purser for help with everything on the ship except shore excursions, you will want to contact or go to the shore excursions desk for assistance. However the shore excursions desk may be completely useless as I had found out when I was trying to figure out where we met with a tour so be persistent and kind!

Safe travels!