Casino on the Equinox

by Female Abroad

Gambling is one of those things that is easy to do when there is nothing else to do. Before you get too deep into betting, the ratio on land is always in the houses favor but it is even worse on the cruise ships so you are almost guarantee to lose. If you are playing card games check the rules as even with poker they can play house rules which can be completely different than how you play in a casino on land.

One thing to note; the casino will open up when you are in international waters so don’t expect to spend a port day at play. If there are no people at the casino desk, the casino is closed.

Depending on the ship there will be a majority of the room filled with slots and a few quarter machines (the ones where you try to get them to stack up so things get pushed out). There will be various tables poker, blackjack, and roulette seem to be the more popular ones.

Check out your daily planner as there will be random nights that they do specials (ex. $10 play on your card between 10pm-12am) which is a great way if you want to play but don’t want to spend any money If you re interested in poker tournaments they will also be listed here as well as bingo information and lottery ticket information.