Entertainment on the Equinox

by Female Abroad

When cruising most people are either there for the locations, the food, the booze, or the entertainment. Each cruise line has different entertainment options and activities but the style of the cruise line will dictate what will be offered on board. While i had done research on what Celebrity is known for the one thing I did not look into was the entertainment. Unfortunately I wish I had but on the other hand it was a good thing that we had a drink package as we got a lot of use out of it... with four days at sea and the evenings onboard there needs to be a lot of things to keep everyone entertained unless you are planning on staying in bed with your iPad or with sea sickness it is going to get very boring.

Well what can you find while on board? Days and evenings were mostly filled with

  1. Art: seminars on different types of art / how to buy it / why you should collect it, lots of art auctions, making your own jewelry
  2. Fancy things: history of / how to collect fabrage eggs, high end watches, ConAgra, and cigars
  3. Health: how to lose weight, keep your liver healthy, take care of your feet, eat healthy
  4. Low impact exercise: aerobic dancing at the pool, silent disco, yoga
  5. Games: trivia, karaoke, person vs person challenges, person vs officers
  6. Live music: various singers in the public areas

The only thing that broke up the redundancy was the night shows that normally took place at 7pm and 9pm every night.

The shows could be broken into two main types; theatre shows and live acts. The live acts were a couple of comedians, a magician, and dueling violins. The first comedian was really good, the second one seemed to be trying out new material as it was very choppy and then ended with him “turning” into his grandfather who then explained how his wife died before going on about how you should never forget to call your elders as speaking you makes their day. In other words, it got dark and unfunny fast. The violin brothers started by announcing that they were rejected by America’s got talent twice and it did not take long to find out why. Their backing band was playing quicker than the violinists and one brother was clearly a stronger player than the other.

For the theatre shows they ranged from ones written specifically for celebrity and some that were adapted for the ship. While i did not go to every one of them (food poising prevented it) the few that I did catch were hit and miss but impressive regardless. Ranging from shows just focused on Motown / R&B hits to a whimsical musical based on Alice & Wonderland to Cirque du Soliel type shows. The acrobats were great and the singers are very talented. One show that I saw was completely confusing but the talent kept me enthralled (check out my journal entry for more information).

Another “form” of daily entertainment was the actual shopping seminars that would gather people into the teacher and they would teach you about the top items that you have to buy / stores that you need to visit in port. If you made it through the entire shopping seminar then you got a VIP shopping card that gave you additional discounts. I started to watch one but when the man that was hosting it said that if he hadn’t bought sheets that helped keep him cool but his wife warm, he was going to divorce her as he couldn’t put up with her cold feet anymore. That was too much for me to handle. If you are going to divorce your wife over cold feet, you have bigger issues that sheets are not going to fix!

While there is a lot to do to keep you busy as there was multiple things going on all throughout the day it really depends on if it is something you are interested in. I did partake in some of the art seminars, a couple of the game show, viewed karaoke (there was only 5 people), checked out the silent disco, and while i tried to stop into the better your life classes i skipped out as soon as they became a sales seminar instead. The one constant that i kept seeing was that the people in these places were at least 50. The shopping aimed items and the games were usually filled with mostly women where as the seminars were mostly men. The games shows were amusing if it was late enough in the evening (and people were drinking) as people become more open to having fun.

Whatever you decide member that it is a cruise and most things are free so try it out. If you don’t enjoy yourself or it turns out that its not for you then you can leave. It’s also your vacation so if you want to do nothing but sit in your room or at the bar then you can do that as well. Make sure that whatever you do decide, make sure that there are at least a couple of ports that are a fancy to you.