4 Caribbean Islands Off the Beaten Path

by Female Abroad

There are many well-liked places in the Caribbean where tourists congregate to spend a few days basking in the sun, but those hoping to avoid the hordes might have something else in mind. Keep reading to find some quieter spots. The cliché that "the Caribbean has something to offer everyone" is wholly accurate however visitors can visit a number of islands that are "off the beaten path" to experience a taste of Caribbean living. Even the smaller Caribbean islands, which are in the Caribbean, have distinct personalities and can provide more than just privacy.

St. Martin / St. Maarten

This island nation is home to two different countries and is the smallest territory in the world to do so. Not quite split 50/50 here, you can find the French side (Saint Martin) is full of French influence with great dining while the other half is Dutch (Sint Maarten) which is known for the shopping. It's entirely possible to visit both countries in one day and a lot of cruise ships offer tours that do just that.


This small island is known for its snorkeling. If you want a beach day then this rocky, beachless island is not for you. There are a few spots where you can find the smallest spots of sand along the waters edge where you can layout to get tanned but the island is better for taking in the scenery both above and below the water.


Not to be mistaken for Granada in Spain, Grenada is actually three islands (Grenada, Petit Martinique, and Carriacou) that are known as the Spice Islands due to it being on of the world's largest producers of nutmeg. While English is the official language of the island, you will find a lot of French history and culture. If you worry more about beaches, don't worry, Granada has you covered with gorgeous beach locations.


Known as the "Nature Island" this island has relatively been left untouched over the years however the mountainous terrain provides a ton of adventure activities. If you are interested in spending time exploring the great outdoors then this island may be for you!

Although there are other islands to explore in the Caribbean, if you are seeking something a little different, these are undoubtedly some of the most interesting options. These locations are great for those tourists that are looking for a true getaway, off the beaten path.