Top 6 Caribbean Islands to get married on

by Female Abroad

The secret to having a picture-perfect wedding is choosing a stunning setting. The Caribbean, without a doubt, features the world's most beautiful beach locations and for those who imagine exchanging their vows against the backdrop of clear blue waves and swaying palms, the Caribbean is ideal.


Anguilla, which is known as the sanctuary of the wealthy, is an ideal location for a lovely wedding. Although, not as well-known as other islands, its serene ambiance is ideal for a small-scale Caribbean wedding and your "something blue" could be the serene, azure waters that surround the island. Your wedding will be talked about for years to come because of the area's untouched beauty and hidden beaches!


Antigua is a well-liked sailing destination because of its seaside atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and charming yet naughty skinny dipping opportunities. Like the majority of Caribbean islands, Antigua is small, beautiful, and ideal for a honeymoon. Princess Margaret even had her honeymoon here.


Barbados is a top destination for romance and leisure thanks to its beautiful scenery, welcoming residents, and first-rate amenities. Few would disagree with the claim that Barbados is the "pinnacle of all island paradises". Many honeymooning couples are now opting to hold the entire ceremony on the island, which has long been a favourite location.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia's scenery is utterly enthralling and eternally romantic, making it the perfect location for a Caribbean wedding. This beautiful tropical paradise has majestic mountains that add to the allure of the beaches. It is also a favourite choice for honeymooning since it offers upscale spas and private beachfront resorts - making for an indulgent stay long after the wedding.

St. Martin / St. Maarten

There is romance written all over this French-Dutch island. Imagine saying "I do" next to the water, with blue waves and sand that is a rich coffee colour as your backdrop. On French side - Saint Martin - couples may enjoy superb wine and some of the best cheeses in the world. On the Dutch side - St. Maarten - expect top-notch retail therapy,

Turks & Caicos

Due to its close proximity to Miami, this area is relatively accessible and therefore well-liked for honeymoons. It also makes a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony due to its warm tropical environment and white sand beaches. Following the ceremony, couples can go swimming, snorkelling, shopping, and taking in the vibrant local nightlife. Additionally, there are lots of wonderful restaurants and romantic cruises to choose from.