Contactopedia - LIFE SAVER

Female Abroad

These days a lot of companies are not making it easy to just pick up the phone and contact a person. This really annoys the living hell out of me and I am sure that I am not the only one. After getting really pissed off one day while hunting for yet another phone number I stumbled upon Contactopedia.

This website asks you to enter the company name and then it will give you every possible way to contact the company (if they are in their database). Why is this not advertised? It would have prevented a lot of teeth pulling and swearing as Siri...

Another great thing about this site? They have a specific travel side where you can get airline, airport, and car rental phone numbers. This part of the site can be found here.

The page will also list things like links to their websites as well as links about how to file complaints, check up on missing baggage, luggage fees, and more. It really is a time saver! Just make sure that the information is relevant (especially fees and allowances) before taking important items that can affect your travel at face value.

Now that you have this amazing tool, make sure to use it.