Get Kicked Off a Flight Without Thinking

by Female Abroad

I was just reading an article about a woman getting kicked off a flight due to menstrual cramps which really intrigued me. Clearly it couldn't be a health risk or public safety issue... or could it?

Without knowing the full story of what was going on (there's always two sides) I started digging in and doing some research which is when I came about a well known WHO (World Health Organization) rule for airlines:

Airlines have the right to refuse to carry passengers with conditions that may worsen, be aggravated, or have serious consequences during the flight. [...] If cabin crew suspect before departure that a passenger may be ill, the aircraft's captain will be informed and a decision taken as to whether the passenger is fit to travel, needs medical attention, or presents a danger to other passengers and crew or to the safety of the aircraft."

This general verbiage in the laws does allow for interpretation. Maybe the captain was uncomfortable about speaking about a period and just assumed? Maybe this woman was actually in excruciating pain and didn't have any way to help calm the pain? It is possible that she had a really bad case that had her throwing up, really dizzy, and feeling light headed. No airline would risk those symptoms.

I've also read of the following reasons people have been kicked off:

- legs too long to fit between his seat and the one in front of him so he had them in the aisle, air Marshall threw him off as it is a safety hazard to block the aisle

- an angry customer swore at a staff member who then cancelled his ticket for that flight

- mother and child were making too much noise - a woman was inconsolably crying as she just learned her father had a heart attack

- a passenger took a photo of a rude crew member's name tag so they could report them. The flight attendant kicked them off

- a man's pant wearing habits were deemed inappropriate so he was kicked off the flight

- someone was uncontrollably coughing (pre-COVID)