Survive Ecconomy

Female Abroad

Economy is how must of us fly and while there are other options, sometimes they just do not make sense. However, have no fear, as there is nothing wrong with Economy but it is even better if you prepare for it.

How do you prepare? This is the question I am asked many times. Here are my top 5 hints to make your Economy flight more comfortable.

  1. If you can, pick your seat or pay to pick it. Airlines are now allowing for "Exit Row" seats that are in front and behind the actual exit row. This seats are normally not premium seats and go for free or for less than purchasing an exit row seat. Why? They don't recline or they don't recline fully. The good thing for you however is that you receive more leg space than a standard seat.

  2. Prepare for the log haul. I am one of those people that the night before I pack something I think that I will want to read and then once I'm on the plane, I want nothing to do with it. I've also been on multiple planes where the headsets and/or the tv screens don't work (if there is one). Due to this, I plan for the worst. Upload a few different books onto your devices. Download games onto your device that do not use internet access (most do these days so test before you leave the house!). If there is more than one of you travelling, invest in a spliter so then if the TV screen and/or head jack is broken, you both can still watch something.

  3. Bring water. Always buy (fill up a water bottle) with at least 1L of water. Rule of thumb is that you should drink 1L of water for every hour you are in the air. But really, who does this? Bring water with you onto the plain since the water on the plane comes from the tanks which are not cleaned often enough to prevent things like E. Coli from growing in it.

  4. Go window. While the debate is on aisle vs window, if you do not have log legs or need to use the washroom constantly, book a window seat. Why? It provides a bit more room for that carry on you are going to jam under the seat.

  5. Pack a small toiletry kit. Pack a tooth brush, tooth paste, face wipes, moisturizer, socks, ear plugs, eye shade, underwear, deodorant, and mascara/eye liner. On a long haul flight especially, a little papering can help you feel more energized as well as assist with that all powerful jet lag. The socks are so you can go on the plane without shoes. No one likes stinky and/or bare feet! Make sure that you use bottled water to brush your teeth.