Top 5 Parks in Ontario

by Female Abroad

There are a few sites in Ontario that top the list if you love the outdoors and are searching for a nice area to enjoy some old-fashioned recreation. Although Canada is known for its diverse scenery and numerous parks, there are five in particular that require more attention.

1. Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park is one of Ontario's oldest, largest, and busiest parks. The park offers a large number of campgrounds, including the well-known Killarney Lodge, which has been in operation for over 70 years. The proximity of Algonquin to Toronto and Ottawa is another another fantastic feature. It is understandable why this park continues to rank among the top tourist attractions in Ontario given its convenient location.

2. Wasaga Beach

I'm biased to this city due to a historical family connection but Wasaga Beach is a popular tourist site, especially in the summer. The town can be pretty quiet with the summer being popular due to the beach, jazz concerts, and hiking. In the winter, the water will freeze and create ice caves while those that want to stay on land can try cross-country skiing. You can also get some of the best soft serve ice cream here at Mr. Norm's Nephew (formerly Mr. Norms).

3. Wabakimi Provincial Park

Wabakimi Provincial Park is a great place for anyone who want to get close to animals in nature, it is likely that visitors will observe caribou, wolves, eagles, and moose.

4. Blue Lake

Blue Lake, which located northwest of the city of Dryden, offers guests a variety of outdoor activities. There is no better place to get a tan than on the fine-grained beaches or during your swim in the blue water on this wonderful getaway. The adjacent forests are also a great place to explore if you wish to go hiking.

5. Kettle Lakes

Fishing aficionados have several opportunity to put their talents to the test in Kettle Lakes. This park, which has 22 lakes, offers a distinctive outdoor experience to just about anybody and it is the ideal destination for family trips because it offers a wide variety of recreational programmes.

Bonus: Polar Bear Park

Polar Bear Park is the ideal location to go if the idea of leaving civilization appeals to you as this park is surrounded by wilderness. It is also the biggest park in Ontario and can only be reached by plane. This area experiences severe weather, and blizzards frequently occur so only the most courageous, daring, and prepared individuals will enjoy this isolated area!