10 Spring Time Activities for Families

by Female Abroad

While Toronto is a year round destination there are a few places to see and things you must do if you visit the city during the springtime. After spending years visiting family I have put together a list of must do Springtime activities that are fun for the whole family depending on the age of the kids.

1. TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival

One of the most popular springtime tourist destinations is the Toronto International Film Festival, so let's start there. This festival is distributed around the city and features numerous events, meetings, and movie screenings. You might even run across one or two celebrities while it's running.

2. Hillside Gardens

The lovely cherry blossoms cover the sky and earth in white and pink during the spring. Visit High Park as soon as you can while the flowers are in bloom, which typically begins in late April. For Sakura fans, the recent years have been wonderful.

3. Rogers Centre

One of the nicest baseball venues in North America is where the Jays play. It features a retractable dome, although that can also happen in the spring when the weather starts to warm up as summer approaches. The hotel even features rooms that look right into the stadium!

4. Toronto Food & Drink Market

Food is always better when it is handmade, fresh, and pure goodness. During this festival, hundreds of farmers and exhibitors come together to showcase their delectable foods and beverages. You might need the forklift to assist you in returning to your car once you're finished, so plan accordingly.

5. Niagara Falls

While there is constantly gossip that the Maid of the Mist is going to shut down, it has not happened yet! Both the Canadian and American side of the falls offers activities but no matter which side of the Falls you are on, it is an undeniably amazing experience to see this enormous exhibition of nature's power. To see the forces on exhibit up close, board one of the steamboats that will take you close to the falls or take one of the tours that will walk you behind the falls.

6. The Bata Shoe Museum

Yes, this museum is about shoes, but after viewing this exhibit, you'll have a whole new appreciation for them. In order to display more than simply a variety of styles and fashion, about 13,000 shoes from around the globe are brought here, together with fascinating backstories and history lessons that you won't find in any other museum. You can purchase skip the line tickets from Viator.

7. Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival

You will discover all the preparation and labour that go into getting this magnificent product from the trees into the jars here. On your way out of the sticky sweet festival, you can sample and buy a lot of things that have been infused with maple. My favorite item are the popsicle sticks that rest on snow and then have maple syrup poured all over them.

8. Hockey Hall of Fame

The best destination for hockey fans is the ideal location to come in the spring. Guided tours, clinics on the principles of hockey, and, of course, the world's largest collection of hockey memorabilia, including the one and only Stanley Cup trophy, are all available. While I'm not a hockey fan, I have to be a fan of this museum because I have a great Uncle in it. You can purchase tickets via Viator here.​

9. Toronto Zoo

A wide range of species are saved and given new homes at the renowned Toronto Zoo thanks to Canada's colder environment. To mention a few of our faves, you'll witness enormous pandas, polar bears, penguins, and stunning white lions.

10. Lego Robotics Camp

Consider enrolling your children in the LEGO Robotics Camp if they are science and engineering enthusiasts. Here, play and learning are mixed to show children how what they learn in school translates into chances in real life and earning a living doing what they enjoy.