Asian Uber: Grab

by Female Abroad

Type: Transportation

Summary: the Uber of Southeast Asia

Platform: iOs and

Android Reason to use: cheap transportation

Female Abroad review: After getting scammed at the airport by cab's, Grab was the first thing I used when I had to move to my next location. I had come across it on Instagram and while I was hesitant to use an app that I found on that platform I downloaded it anyways just in case I needed it when I was there. The app itself wouldn't let me full set it up until I was in Vietnam (hence not using it at the airport) but once I did it was just like Uber except the pinpoint location on the map of where you are is not as accurate and after speaking with locals, this is the one thing they hate about the app. This app is everywhere in Vietnam, only Tuk Tuk's in Cambodia, and is gaining a following in Thailand.

Ordering was easy (don't expect your driver to speak English) and it was no different than being in a cab. The driver charges the credit card you have on file (some shorter trips they will accept cash) and then you are free to go. This is also where I ran into some issues though.

On my ride from the hotel in Bangkok to the airport, the driver wanted me to pay for the toll in cash. When he found out I didn't have cash, he put the toll into the additional fee section before charging my credit card. Once he does this and hits accept your card is charged and you have no way to accept or deny this charge. For me, I looked into the terms & conditions and this was allowed. However he had over charged me for the toll by 15 bhat. I sent a note to Grab asking for this to be reviewed as he didn't even give me a breakdown of the ride before he charged me (like he was supposed to). The Grab notification said that someone would be in touch within 24 hours but it's been a week and still nothing. The only thing that changed was the fact that after I filed a complaint, I couldn't rate the driver so no one else can be warned from my experience. Buyer beware....