19 Day Grand Asia Exploration

by Female Abroad

Start in Japan, then enjoy Korea, China and Vietnam. It is possible to add an additional exploration before your cruise (The Heart Of Japan, 3 days) or an additional exploration after the cruise (Angkor Wat and Cambodia 6 days).

Here is what your amazing itinerary would look like:

Day 1: Arrive in Japan and stay in a Deluxe Hotel in Kobe.

Day 2: Enjoy a relaxing morning then visit the White Egret Castle. Board the spirit of Oceanus and set sail Day 3): Miyajima/Hiroshima Enjoy the Island Of The Shrines a tour of the famous Itsukushima Shinto shrine. You will also have the opportunity to meet a Shinto priest.

Day 3: Tour the Peak Park at Hiroshima.

Day 4: Nagasaki Tour the Atomic Bomb Museum and Glover Garden

Day 5: Juju Island, S Korea. Enjoy South Korea's highest peak the the Juju Folk Village Museum.

Day 6: Shanghai, China This is probably China's leading commercial center. You will enjoy the Shanghai Museum and the wonderful Chinese art. You can also see the Children's Palace and French Concession District.

Day 7: Shanghai Enjoy some free time to explore Shanghai or optional tours

Day 8: A Relaxing Day At Sea with time to learn about your next ports

Day 9: A Relaxing Day At Sea with time to learn about your next ports

Day 10: Explore the incredible port of Xiamen. See the Buddhist Nanputao Temple at the Mountain of Five Old Men. You will also visit the Heavenly Kings Hall

Day 11: Hong Kong. Visit the top of Victoria Peak to see a wonderful view of the city. You can shop the open market and later you will have a chance to take an optional Chinese cuisine cooking class.

Day 12: A relaxing day at sea with time to learn about your upcoming ports.

Day 13: Visit Danang (Hoi An) Vietnam. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Day 14: Chan May (Hue Chan May) This is a new port giving access to an important trading center.

Day 15: A relaxing day at sea with time to learn about your upcoming ports

Day 16: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam The Bay of the Descending Drag has approximately 1600 islands

Day 17: Haiphong (Hanoi) Vietnam. Explore Hanoi which show French and Chinese influences.

Day 18: Haiphong (Hanoi) Enjoy Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum. Enjoy a great farewell dinner at Co Loa Citadel

Day 19: Have breakfast and then transfer to the Hanoi airport.

It would be difficult to find a better trip to explore Asia. This trip gives you expert information on the culture, cooking and more. Each of these destinations would normally require their own trip but with this cruise you can explore four great destinations in one trip with minimal flights. If you are interested in Asia I hope you have the time and money to take this trip.