by Female Abroad

I'm not sure if starting my trip in Cuba was a good thing since then the "horrible" Caribbean bathrooms on the other islands were a million times better or if I should have ended with it. Either way, be prepared for bathrooms to look like the below photo.

I had been warned a lot about the toilets in Cuba but most of the time it was to pack my own toilet paper. Then when I was waiting in the custom's area and nature called, I grabbed some Kleenex I brought and headed in. After waiting in line to get into the tiny, two stall bathroom, the fact that the lights were barely working should have clued me off on what to expect. Three people before me, it came out that only one stall had toilet paper now so people were sharing the roll before they went in. When it came my turn and I saw what I took a photo of above, the only thing that went through my mind was "this is an airport bathroom, what are they like in the city?".

If you are a lady, I hope you are great at squatting because you are going to need it.

Toilet seats and toilet paper do exist but it just depends on where you "go". Hotels, homes, and Air Bnb's you will be fine. Restaurants and tourist sites, be prepared.

Some places will have one but not the other and the majority of tourist sites have realized that they can sell you the toilet paper. Since I came prepared for the toilet not having paper, a lot of these people would yell or even follow me to the stall to get me to buy the paper so just be firm and tell them no before making sure you lock thee stall door.

The men's are not any better as the majority of places just have one bathroom so if you are going eat a large meal and need to poop. Make sure you have given yourself time to relax in your accommodations for a more relaxed, sanity break.

Also, the bathroom airports are the worst. (the photo above is the toilet in customs).

I thought that my experience in customs was just a one off since, you know, it is customs but nope. When we were flying out of the country the bathrooms had no water and the airport was in rush to fix it. The urinals in the men were full of urine and on the ladies side, it was picking the pile of poop that didn't smell the worse to do you business on. Plus you better hope you brought Purell as there was no hand washing either.

I'm hoping that this post doesn't scare you away from visiting Cuba but I hope it does inspire you to bring toilet paper and Purell as you are going to need it!