Popular Havana Spots

by Female Abroad

Internet is pretty spotty so just doing a quick run down:

Old Town (La Habana Vieja)

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Great to explore on foot and some parts are only open to foot trap p

reserved plazas, architecture, and historic fortresses

visit Plaza de Armas: a local watering hole for more than 500 years

Necropolis Cristobal Colon

National monument

one of the largest cemeteries in the America's at over 57 hectares

if there is enough visitors, free tours are given or buy a map and wander around yourself

Fusterlandia (Jaimantias District)

created by Cuban artist Jose Fuster

he lives here in Taller-Estudio Jose Fuster

an entire neighborhood that's changed into a creative destination

pays homage to Picasso and Gaudi

San Pedro de la Roca Castle

UNESCO World Heritage Site

built in 1638 at the entrance of Santiago de Cuba Bay

multi level stone fortress along the rocky cliffs on the southeast coast

the upper terrace has a view of the water and Sierra Maestra mountains

Museo de la Revolucion

Built between 1913 - 1920

Former Presidential Palace

commemorates the Cuban Revolution

Interior was decorated by Tiffany's of New York

Salon de los Espejos was inspired by Versailles Hall of Mirrors

Drink like Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway's favorite bar's:

La Bodeguita del Medio - Known for their mojitos

La Floridita - Known for their daiquiris