Popular Flight Seats

by Female Abroad

When I was booking customer's on flights a lot of them had their favorite seats that they had to book or else I would have to look for a different flight. Thinking about these seating options that were the most requested. Would I pick them? Should I recommend them? After looking closer into them I thought I'd put them together for your perusal.

First Option: Exit Row

These are the seats that are in the row with the exit door. Carriers will ask that you can speak their native tongue as well as be physically fit and willing to assist with emergency escape. A lot of airlines are also lumping the row of seats before and behind this row as "exit row" but leg room is less and the seats don't recline.

Pro: extra leg room

Con: possible narrow eat depending on where the tray table is

Make/break: seat doesn't decline and a premium is charged as these seats are in high demand

Second Option: Bulkhead

If you are a tall person who cannot after (nor wants to pay for) business class then these seats are usually the ones that are picked. If you also have a young child these are preferred so the kid has a place to move about / stretch.

Pro: extra leg room

Con: possible narrow seat depending on how the arm rest tray table is situated

Make/break: no way to stow things under a seat in front of you so you have to use the overhead bins

Third Option: Last Row

For people wanting to be the first on the plane (when economy is called) or wanting a quieter area then the last row is usually what they pick. Some airlines will leave these seats empty in case someone is a nuisance or people that might be famous / semi-famous may sit here to hide.

Pro: near the bathrooms and private, usually the last seats to be booked so higher chance of a row to yourself

Con: near the bathrooms

Make/break: seats don't recline

Aisle, Middle, or Window

Aisle is great if you have long legs as you get more room however for safety regulations you are not allowed to have your feet in the aisle so you can get reprimanded for doing this. You do not have to get up to go to the bathroom but you may get a drink cart to the elbow.

Middle you get both arm rests and you are on the plane; this is an unspoken rule you might have to fight for.

Window I find has more space for things under the seat in front of you and you have the wall to learn against as well as the window to look out of. You have to ask to escape.