Why Panama City?

by Female Abroad

Panama City aka Ciudad de Panama, is the capital and biggest city in Panama. It is the hub of all administrative, economic, and political operations in the nation and is renowned for its stunning skyline of high-rise structures. For many, it represents this magnificent nation, which has a deep and rich past and has made wise investments in both its present and its future.

According to International Living Magazine, has listed Panama as one of the Top 5 locations where individuals would most like to live after retiring for the past 9 years. Therefore, it is not unexpected that both foreigners and citizens of the country are making wise investments in the real estate market as reveals a great deal about the nation's growth and ability to draw visitors from around the globe.


Found on the Pacific Coast side of Panama is Panama City . The months of December through May are ideal for travel to the nation as the remainder of the year is the rainy season. However, if you choose to travel off-peak, you will discover that airline and lodging expenses are significantly lower than they are during the busy season. The lush natural resources also have a distinct effect on your experience of the country during the rainy season. November is also a major festival month for the country as we found out on our trip.


If you fly internationally to Panama, your plane will land at Tocumen International Airport in the nation's capital. So the nation's capital will be where you get your first impression of the country. Visitors are impressed by how well-developed the city is and delighted to learn that it has top-notch communication facilities that seem to bring the entire globe closer to Panama.

What to see / do

The nation's capital has a lot to offer tourists. Since there is so much to see and learn, a lengthy stay in Panama City is required if you want to see everything. The numerous architectural styles present here demonstrate this diversity vividly; is a wonderful illustration of the country's rich cultural variety.

Below is a list of popular sights to see and tours that our affiliate parter Viator provide.

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- Panama La Vieja, aka Old Panama

- Casco Antigua aka Casco Viejo aka Old Quarter (UNESCO site)

- Teatro Nacional

- Las Bovedas or literally The Vaults, an esplanade that extends out onto the Pacific Ocean.

- Plaza de la Catedral

- Museo del Canal Interoceánico or the Interoceanic Canal Museum

- The presidential palace or the Palacio de las Garzas, the Heron's Palace

The Latin American city of Panama City has a fantastic selection of restaurants that are multi-cultural and fun to explore. You might wish to check out a few of the eateries nearby the French Embassy which are some of the most popular. The city is still developing and growing with a new number of tourist attractions opening regulariy that will enhance its allure and appeal.