Top Sights in Panama

by Female Abroad

Panama is located in Central America's most southerly nation. Here, the people are kind and friendly, making it one of the most tourist-friendly nations. If you are thinking of visiting this nation, I am sure that you are wondering what there is to do so here are the most popular attractions and things to do so you don't miss out!

Explore the Capital

The largest city in Panama, Panama City boasts a contemporary skyline, untapped beauty, and upscale gastronomy.

Some of the country's most well-known tourist destinations include:

- Panama Viejo, a cultural destination

- Parque Natural Metropolitano

- Spaniards


There are numerous large shopping malls in Panama City where you may purchase unique items and regional goods. It is sometimes compared to a hybrid between Rio de Janeiro and Miami.

Panama Canal

A social, economic, and political pillar of Panama, the Panama Canal serves roughly 14,000 vessels annually. Visit the Miraflores Visitors Center, which highlights the history of the canal and its significance to the Panamanian people, if you wish to learn more about the past of this canal. From this location, you can see ships navigate the Miraflores locks. The permanent exhibitions at Miraflores centre on the technology of the canal, biodiversity, water conservation, and the canal's significance to canal development and global trade.

Get Outside

Panama is a popular travel destination for those who love the outdoors because of its wildlife and natural reserves with a the more popular locations being:

- Charges National Park at 129,000 hectares and is spread across the Colon and Panama provinces it is one of the largest.

- In the province of Herrera is Cerro Hoya National Park which contains an important archaeological site.

- Coiba National Marine Park is situated in Gulf of Chiriqui. Made up of 38 islands over 430,825 acres, this park was named a UNESCO site in 2005.

- Colorado Island is the largest forested island in a Panama Canal Waterway and is home to Smithsonian biological station. The Smithsonian offers daily tours and boats to the island.

- Kuna Yala is an area made up of over 360 islands along the country's Atlantic Coast. Here is where you will find the Kuna Indians amongst the crystal-clear turquoise water and white sand beaches.


The distinct and varied cuisine of Panama combines Native American, African, and Spanish foods. Breakfast in Panama consists of deep-fried maize tortillas that are stuffed with fried eggs and meat. A typical Panamanian dinner consists of coconut, rice, beans, meat, and squash or yucca along with other fruits and vegetables. Popular foods include empanadas (pastries filled with meat and cheese), sancocho (stew packed with meat and vegetables), and carimanola (fried yucca roll stuffed with boiled eggs and meat).

Viator Affiliate
With the help of Viator, here are a few very unique Panamanian experiences and tours that you could take while you are in the country. Click on any of the blue hyperlinks to go to Viator's site for more information, to check availability, or to place an order.

  1. Visit an Embera Indigenous Village - in addition to meeting the main indigenous group in Panama, you contribute to the preservation of their community and traditions.
  2. Explore Monkey Island - when the Panama Canal was completed, there was a chunk of Lake Gatun that was cutoff, allowing for wildlife to flurish in Soberania National Park and Monkey Island (also includes a visit to a native village)
  3. Step foot in two major oceans in one day - Did you know that in Panama you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the same day? This is one of the only places you can do this.
  4. Explore the Caribbean Coast - yes, besides the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans you can also visit the Caribbean Ocean. Usually when it is rainy season in Panama City, the weather is gorgeous up here.
  5. Go Canyoning in Bayano - explore an important indigenous area with underground rivers and cave systems before having lunch at a local Kuna indigenous village.