North American Airline Special Offers

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Planning a trip? Not sure where to go? Well did you that most airline websites actually have pages that show the most recent deals, promotions, and discounts that they are offering? A lot of people don't. Some of these promotions will work for what you are looking for and some won't but they key point is to look because you never know what you will get.

Below are a list of airlines sorted by their home base. This list will continue to grow but in the meantime, I am just looking at the major airlines. The blue underlined words are hyper linked to the discount site.


Air Canada

- Seat Sales / Special Offers


- Discount Codes

- Seat Sales

Flair Airlines

- Seat Sales / Promotions

Porter Airlines

- Seat Sales

- Porter Pass


United Airlines

- Seat Sales

- Car Rental

- MileagePlus Deals

Delta Airlines

- Seat Sales

American Airlines

- Discounts: vacations, cars, hotels, cruises, etc

Southwest Airlines

- Discounts: flights, cars, hotels, vacations

Alaska Airways

- Seat Sales

Jet Blue

- Seat Sales

Spirit Airways

- Savers Club

- Seat Sales

Frontier Airlines

- Seat Sales

Allegiant Air

- Seat Sales

Hawaiian Airlines

- Seat Sales



- Discounts: flights, cars, upgrades

Volaris Airlines

- V Club V Pass

- Seat Sales

Viva Aerobus

- Seat Sales

- Vivaaerobus

Besides these websites make sure to sign up for the air carrier's newsletters as they do, do flash sales a few times a year with different locations and you'll only be able to access them by using the code in the email. On top that, sometimes airlines release the wrong price if someone is too quick to hit send on these emails. While airlines (at least in Canada) do have the right to cancel the ticket and refund you what you paid there are some that have honored the price as it's great PR.

Another way that might help is the Gopher extension for Chrome & Internet Explorer as it will "dig" up any deals / discounts from that site.

Please note that all sites are accurate at time of posting and updated by the airlines themselves and promotions can be changed at anytime due to the airlines laws. This page is for information service only and Female Abroad is not in partnership nor makes money from any of the listed airlines.