Massages Terms

by Female Abroad

One thing that I found very difficult in Cambodia and Thailand is how cheap the different spa treatments are. Now at home treatments will set me back easily C$ 75+ but in these countries, it was under U$ 10 including tip. While I felt that I was taking advantage of these people it really made me start to think if people are taking advantage of us back home. Either way, as long as it's clean and safe, I'm happy. Keeping with the spa idea, I thought I would list some of the more popular spa terms so you know what to look for while out hunting.

Aromatherapy: uses natural oils in the massage. Reduces anxiety, eases depression, boosts energy levels, speeds up healing, and more

Body Wrap: various different types of wraps but usually helps with the appearance and texture of skin by exfoliating and helping the body rid itself of excess fluid

Deep Tissue Massage: Reaches deep into the layers of muscles and tendons to break down tense areas that can cause pain and inflammation. Works to release chronic muscle tension and reduce street hormone levels as well as heart rate while bosting mood, improving posture, and relaxation.

Facials: treatment that focuses on the face; usually steaming, exfoliating, creams, lotions, peels, deep cleanse, and / or massage. Helps with acne, dryness, and dullness

Fish Pedicure: you put your feet into a bucket of water and fish eat the dead skin off your feet. These are everywhere and not very hygienic as the water is not changed between people.

Hot Stone: a massage with hot, smooth stones to help get rid of your tension

Reflexology / Neuromuscular Therapy: pressure points around the body are pressed without any oil or lotion to help release stress, allow energy to flow, increase relaxation, and eliminate toxins from the body

Shiatsu: Japanese technique that uses finger pressure to work on different pressure points on the body. Normally you are fully clothed for this.

Sport: usually a mix of Swedish, Shiatsu, and a few other techniques that are designed to relax athletic people

Swedish: the general idea most people have for a massage

Thai: invigorating massage using yoga like stretches that your masseuse moves you into.

Trigger Point: mix of Deep Tissue and Reflexing: one part of the body is worked on to release tension in that area

RMT: Registered Massage Therapist - someone that has gone to school to train to do massage and usually is covered by insurance. Not normally a relaxing massage however as they try to get your body to align the way it should.

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