Learn to cook with Caribbean Flair

by Female Abroad

Every time I travel, I always end up falling in love with a meal or drink that I want to take the recipe home with me so then I can create it on a whim or when I can find the ingredients. The best way to be able to recreate these meals or snacks at home is by taking a local cooking class. If there is a special way to prep certain ingredients then a cooking class is a must so you are taught the technique properly.

Nicole's Table is a fantastic restaurant that also hosts cooking classes just minutes from downtown St. John, Antigua so if you are in town on a cruise, you should be able to take a class while you are in town. These three are the most popular classes offered at the restaurant but you will want to book quickly because they are kept at a small size so you receive hands on / one-on-one training.

  1. Coordinating Curry
    Learn jerk cooking, how curry and other spices came to the island and how they are used in a variety of Caribbean cuisine while creating a 3-course meal and cocktail that you can enjoy at the restaurant with views over ocean.

  2. Cooking with Rum
    If you are interested in rum then this is the class for you. Not only do you get to compare tour different types of rum from local islands you will also learn how to make cocktails, an appy, main course, and dessert all using rum. At the end you will get to enjoy your cooking at the restaurant before heading out to continue your day.

  3. Cooking with Jerk
    Yes, Jerk is from Jamaica but if you are on a cruise, a lot of itineraries do not visit Jamaica and Antigua so if you are a jerk fan this is a great cooking class for you. While creating some jerk meat you will also make a lunch with a cocktail, appetizer, and dessert that all go well with the jerked meat you create. You then get to enjoy your creations at the restaurant while taking in the view.

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