Explore the fastest growing Vancouver suburb, Surrey

by Female Abroad

Surrey is a multicultural community that is full of varied expressions, cultures, histories, and legacies. South Surrey is a thriving creative community with a variety of performing art scenes, exhibits, exhibition halls, and historical architecture. One of Metro Vancouver's most vibrant and rapidly growing urban areas is Surrey, British Columbia. There are many events to attend, restaurants to sample, hotels to stay at, and shops to visit. Surrey is also close to two international airports and two border crossings since it is situated at the confluence of the Pacific Rim, Greater Vancouver, and the United States. Surrey is well connected to the surrounding communities because of its vast transit system, which includes four SkyTrain stations with more coming in the upcoming years. It's a fantastic location from which to explore all of the attractions in this wonderful region of British Columbia.

Crescent Beach in South Surrey, as well as Bridgeview and Brownsville in North Surrey, were the first areas of Surrey to be settled with The Hudson Bay Company establishing a significant fur trade a little to the northeast of Surrey. Early trails and roadways aided in promoting Surrey's colonisation. James Kennedy, established the first trail in 1861, often known as the Kennedy path. When the New Westminster Rail Bridge was first constructed in 1904, private automobiles could cross the Fraser River on its upper deck while the BC Electric Railway used the lower deck.

Our city's expanding city is situated in a staggeringly distinctive landscape, with more than 6,000 pieces of land dedicated to parks and other green spaces. Surrey is a unique site to associate with nature, from the huge beach panoramas at Crescent Beach to the growing urban woodlands of Green Timbers. Explore our city's extensive farming area (which accounts for 33% of our land use! ), stroll along a walk through a forest, or wind your way through the winding lanes of our colossal, gorgeous green enclosures.

Visiting one of Surrey's many parks, such as Tynehead Park on 196th Street, is a fun and affordable activity for the family. You could also head to Bear Creek Park at 88th Street and King George or Surrey Bend Park on East 104th Street, and then watch the sunset. Outdoor recreational activities like kayaking along the Nicomekl River or the Fraser River are ideal in Surrey. Using our various stops and pathways while bicycling in the South Surrey Bike Park.

Barnston Island is fairly simple to bicycle around as there is no traffic; it's just you and the road as you round a tiny island with magnificent views of the river and farms. It is 9.7 kilometres of the road are flat, paved, and smooth. You must travel to the end of East 104 Street, take the barge that is propelled by a tugboat to the island after leaving your automobile parked at Surrey Bend Park. Bring a picnic basket and some little snacks since there are no grocery stores around. Numerous agricultural animals, including sheep, goats, horses, cows, and asses, will be present throughout the route. You will be able to see the surrounding mountains and the Golden Ears Bridge on a bright, sunny day.

Visit the Surrey Arts Center to look around the exhibits, take the family to the Historic Stewart Farm, or catch a performance in the Bell Performing Arts Center. Additionally, our top-notch entertainment facilities serve as the venue for a number of local, regional, national, and international sporting events, such the Scotiabank Canadian Open Fastpitch International Championship and the Surrey International World Music Marathon!

With Surrey being a border town, you might want to look into the nearby tourism attractions on both the American and Canadian sides. You can stay in one of the numerous South Surrey hotels or inns close to White Rock hotels or the Peace Arch.