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A few decades ago, Cambodia was regarded as a war-torn nation wracked by the Khmer Rouge's control, horror, and extreme poverty, which cut it off from the outside world. However, the Southeast Asian country has since made a remarkable recovery even though the scars are still very visible, and over the past 30+ years, it has gradually attracted attention from around the world thanks to its ancient tourist attractions, which archaeological teams from around the world are trying to save or repair.

Of course, every country in the world has a few locations that are worth a visitor's attention, and in Cambodia, they are all distinctive and have something special to offer. From the ancient towns to the countryside (where people were forced to live) to the populous cities, travel that enables a genuine connection to the spirit of what a place has been through and what it is becoming is one of the most memorable experiences someone can have. Once entering the nation however, travellers will discover an incredibly hospitable people, which welcome people to explore the kingdom's tourist attractions, history, and culture.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The capital of the nation is regarded as one of Asia's most dynamic cities. In addition to the well-known killing fields just outside of city and the war museums located within, the city is developing its own flavour as tourist amenities like hotels, markets, and transportation start to flourish as memories of the past start to fade. For example, the Khmer Rouge tried to wipe out all the Buddhist monks but you will now see them openly walking the street, excepting gifts and offerings from the locals. The busy, never quiet streets are where you can experience the most life. From looking into apartment buildings that look like shipping containers stacked on top of each other to tuk tuk drivers that are either sleeping or trying to hassle riders to make a living, the obvious red light district with lots of ladies looking to make some money, to the lively eateries and bars; there is a pulse to this city that never stops even at night. Things like sunset cruises along the river, visits to the Royal Palace of Cambodia, sunset & sunrise roof top bars, as well as cooking classes are all gaining popularity, helping tourists explore the nation.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is the base for anyone wanting to explore the Angkor area (with Angkor Wat being the main draw) and the roughly 100 rainforest Wat's (temples) in the area. Besides the Wat's there are lively night markets, bars with cheap drinks, and cheap massages everywhere, in this very walkable city. Hotels are very strict however when it comes to what you can do in them but I found security was very relaxed as the front desk clerk would disappear but leave all the room keys in an unlocked drawer at the front desk. Most of the hotels expect you to leave the key with them so you do not lose it but after having to "break" into the desk after waiting for 30min without anyone returning, I made sure to keep it on me.

Getting Around Cambodia


Every major Asian city has daily flights to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Siem Reap does have an airport which welcomes smaller airlines that fly there directly from Bangkok.

Taking a bus to Cambodia from either Bangkok, Thailand or Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is another choice, especially for people who are having fun while travelling on a budget or that want to experience the country side. This is how I travelled and you will want to make sure that you are taking a public bus, not a private one as it is a lot easier to get through the boarders on a public bus that runs the route regularly.

Travelling Around Town

While in town, motorbikes, tuk tuks, and motor rickshaws are available.

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