Beat Jet Lag

Female Abroad

We have all had it and hated it. What can I do about it?

How can I prevent it?

While there has been lots of articles written on this, not everything works for everyone. Due to this, I have always asked my clients as well as family for how they get over it and compare it to how I do it.

The following are things that work for me to help prevent it / beat it.

Change your bedtime leading up to the trip. If you are able to, try to get more in sync with the time zone you are visiting. While this is not possible for everyone, just adjusting your sleep schedule by a few hours can help.

Eat healthy and exercise. The more in shape you are, the faster your body adjusts. Age can affect this as well.

Stay hydrated on the plane. The recycled air can really dry you out. Keep at least one 1L of bottle on you. Remember, the guideline is 1L per hour and don't drink the water on the plane. Tea and coffee can also dehydrate you more and are also made from the same water.

Change your clock time. Changing the clock on your phone, watch, etc to the time zone you are going to can help you to start thinking in their time which can trick your body.

Sleep or stay awake. If it is night time where you are going, try to sleep on the plane. If it is daylight, stay awake.

Order a veggie meal on the plane. Long haul flights still serve meals and if you pre-order a vegetarian meal on the plane not only will you be one of the first served you will be guaranteed your meal choice, have a fresher and healthier meal.

Pack green tea for your arrival. Needing caffeine once you land? Grab a green tea instead of a coffee. Green tea is packed with antioxidants and have more caffeine than a cup of coffee. But either grab it at the airport or make it in your hotel room.

Sleep at night. If you land in your destination and it's after dinner time, go to bed. (Normally this seems to be around 7/8pm) Then you can wake up in the morning, refreshed, on local time.