Basics to Flight Savings

by Female Abroad

I've received a few emails from people who just want really simple tips to saving on flights. "Are there any simple sure fire ways to save on flights?" "What are the tried and true methods I can use?" "Can you just list like the top ten ways to save? I don't have time to hunt everywhere!" I've heard you loud and clear.

The most basic things that you can do to save would be:

  1. Give your email for more junk mail that could pay off
    Sign up for the airline you are interested in's email blasts (even if you send them to your junk mail) as a lot of airlines tend to just send out an email if promotions will be short lived. This is also how a lot of airlines will release things like Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

  2. Book as far out as possible or the day before
    Airlines release their flights usually 6-9 months prior to the flight (sometimes a year but rarely). Flight prices tend to go up when space is filling up (all the discount seat codes sell out) and then they drop a bit getting closer to the date to fill up the extra seats. This is especially true if you are going to travel during the holidays.

  3. Be flexible
    Different times and even different days plus the number of connecting flights have an affect on the cost. Mid week (Tuesday / Wednesday) and Saturday are usually lower than Fridays, Sundays, and holiday Mondays. Red eyes and later in the evening are also regularly cheaper. Also if prices are high there might be something going on (a large convention in Vegas, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Olympics, etc) so that specific week might not be a good choice.

  4. Look into local airports
    London has three airports for example and all not that far from the city but the budget carriers all fly into Gatwick. Vancouver has Abbottsford which is about an hour outside of downtown but you save a bunch as you don't pay for expensive the "airport improvement" fees. Porter Airlines flies right into Downtown Toronto where as everyone else goes to Pearson's and has to pay a $60 cab ride to get downtown.

  5. Book a roundtrip instead of a one way ​
    ​Even if you just need to fly one way, sometimes booking the flight for when you need it and then a return flight on a random date when no one wants to fly will actually reduce the cost of your ticket. (I've seen it and done it). Bonus: Fly the flight you need and then call the airline to cancel your return. Most will put it into an airline credit that you can use within one year.