Attraction: Mongoose Junction

by Female Abroad

Arriving on the island there is not a lot to do besides head to the beach or shop at some of the local duty free shops. The closest spot to the ferry depot is Mongoose Junction. This outdoor tree house inspired shopping center is made up of stone and mahogany with winding walk ways with shops, art galleries, as well as restaurants hidden around various corners. Even though it was outside it was shaded so it wasn't as hot as we were expecting it to be. While it was under construction on the upper level (looked like a couple new shops) the lower / mid-levels were full of about 30 different shops and restaurants. If you are on your way to the beach or just killing time waiting for the ferry, the Junction is worth the time to explore.


  1. Bamboula
  2. Big Planet
  3. Just Beach
  4. Made in St. John


  1. R&I Patton Goldsmith - silver & gold jewelry designed by two sisters over the last 45 years
  2. Little Switzerland - Rolex & Pandora seller
  3. Vibe Jewelry
  4. Bajo el Sol Galley

Art Gallery

  1. Caravan Gallery - Hook Bracelet is sold here, wide range of unique styles
  2. St. John Experience Gallery

Local Gifts & Souvenirs

  1. Friends of the Park Store
  2. Island Fancy
  3. Portico
  4. Sugar Birds
  5. St. John Brewers Brewtique

Excursions / Activities

  1. Trevor's Activity Center
  2. Just Beach
  3. Arawak Adventures


  1. Sun Dog Cafe
  2. The Tap Room
  3. North Shore Deli
  4. Gecko Gazebo
  5. St. John Scoops
  6. Ocean Grill
  7. Greengos Caribbean Cantina

There was also a ReMax which was interesting to read how they described hurricane damaged properties as well as the pricing of what these places go for.