Things to Do

by Female Abroad

While heading to the island, there are a lot of things that you can do. After visiting, there are a few things that I suggest over others and here are my top ten's but not in any particular order.

  1. Visit an estate. Ruins, a black sand beach, and lots of history; the Balenbouche Estate is worth a day trip as you can relax on the ground, hike through the forest, visit the main house, or ask the owner about the history of the land (she is usually there and more than happy to chat) Soufriere Estate is known for it's Diamond Waterfall and botanical gardens

  2. Shop at Pointe Seraphine & La Place Carenage in Castries where you can find island cuisine and souvenirs. It covers a thin street on both sides so you will have to keep an eye out for cars trying to get through but there is a lot of everything there with lots of local produce (opened Monday to Saturday).

  3. Check out a local party:
    Visiting on a Friday?
    Gros Islet's Street Party. Here you can find good local food, drink, and music as well as souvenirs, and various other vendors. Security and safety are good so it is one of the most suggested items for tourists to check out. Make sure to give Green fig and salt fish a try!
    Anse La Raye Friday Seafood Feast. This Friday night Creole party is a more local experience than the Gros Islet Street Party. Here you can find things like street dancing and authentic Creole cuisine cooked in front of you as well as shopping and other local crafts.
    Visiting on a Saturday?
    Canaries Creole Coal Pot. Held on the first and third Saturday of every month this party features Creole cuisine, live entertainment, and various vendors that are all dressed in the national costume.
    Dennery Fish Fiesta. Every Saturday at 6pm this festival with various fish, lambi, and conch dishes are prepared while a DJ plays music.

  4. Jump on a catamaran cruise to see the island (and the Pitons) from a different perspective

  5. Head to Vigie Beach which is not touristy at all so you can relax without having vendors pestering you. If you want to go even further to get away from the vendors then check out Splash Island Water Park which is a floating bouncy island out in the water in southern Gros Islet.

  6. If forests are for you then drive or zipline through the rainforest or if you prefer then hike up the Pitons for a breathtaking view of the area.

  7. While I'm not a fan (due to the smell) a lot of people head to the Sulphur Springs to relax in the mud baths which are supposed to heal arthritis, sun burns, and eczema. Don't wear light or good swimsuits as the mud does stain. The volcano won't explode and you will need to bring your own towel and drinking water. If you do go then make sure that you pop up the street to the walk in volcano and join one of the little tours that will explain the area (roughly under 10-minutes).

  8. Splurge for a view. If it's a gorgeous day and you are wanting the best view of the Pitons and out over the water then you'll have to head to Jade Mountain resort. If you are not staying at this hotel though you will have to make a reservation.

  9. For a view over Castries then head to Morne Fortune where you can also find ruins of the former British, then French stronghold.

  10. Being Canadian, beer is big for us so trying Antillia Brewing Company microbrews (started by some Canadian expats) was a must and it's not bad actually. The taps do change but the Golden Wheat as well as the Stout are a staple.