Review: Night Time Helicopter Ride

by Female Abroad

There are a something special about Las Vegas at night; the city just like the neon lights really makes it come to life. That is why when I was given the chance to either take a helicopter ride either at night or during the day I went with night.

Since I was staying at Caesars, they sent a limo to pick me up and take me to the Maverick Helicopter location just off the strip (by McCarran airport). Here I checked in, was weighed, and then given a glass of champagne before being sent to wait in the comfy seating area for our flight. Once everything was ready the group was given a safety briefing and then escorted out onto the tarmac where four helicopters were waiting. Each helicopter took about five guests (depending on weight and size) and we all piled in, trying to get a window view. Before long we were off into the sky one at a time.

The view from here was gorgeous and we went the entire way down the strip to the stratosphere, flying so close to it that we could see the people on the rides, before swinging around and heading back to base. The whole ride took 15 minutes.

It was certainly an experience but it was an experience I can safely say I would skip if I had to pay for it.