Review: Absinthe

by Female Abroad

Adult entertainment at it's finest.

Absinthe was the show we picked after suffering through a three hour time share presentation and surprisingly it was worth it. Although we will never do another presentation....

I had first seen the tent for Absinthe and wanted to go when I was at a work gig the year before. Not knowing anything about it, the tent was enough for me. Later that year I started reading the Holly Madison autobiography about her time in Vegas and after reading the small bits about Absinthe in it, I knew I wanted to check it out.

Now normally with my interest peaked so high, the swim can only be a let down.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Arrival in the courtyard in front of Caesars was nice as they had a few picnic tables and a bar. We grabbed a beer and waited for the 7pm show to let out which ran late. As they knew they were late the staff was great at getting everyone into line ups quick, checking tickets, and rushing the previous show out the door.

Once inside, we were surprised at how small it really was and the fact that everyone is sitting on folding chairs made it very interesting. We were very worried as our seats on the seating chart looked really far from the small stage but in fact, there are three stages all through the center and the fact we were on the back wall just meant we were slightly higher than everyone else (there isn't much of an incline between row to row so if you are short, you've been warned). There are also splash zone seating which we would find out more about later.

While waiting for the show to start I popped over to the bar for a drink. U$ 20 for a glass of wine! I couldn't believe it until I found out that it was a tall solo cup full of wine, not a wine glass. As soon as I found that out, I was sold and back at my seat enjoying the biggest glass of wine I've had in a little while (ie two weekends...).

The show started and they told us to take as many photos and videos as we wanted since no one would believe how great the show is or what we saw. I took advantage of this rule as you can tell in the slide show above.

If you are easily offended by anything then this is not for you. They were brash, crash, and whity. They went after religion, sex, race, homosexuality, themselves, and anything they could think of. Nothing was sacred.

There were contortionists, strong men, tightrope walks, burlesque, balancing acts, silk dancing, and more. The splash zone got very wet (they were given plastic sheets to keep dry) due to the silk act which was a man in a bathtub flying around the room and splashing in his tub. I'll leave that to your imagination.

The show was over before we knew it but it was fantastic and we would go again in a heartbeat. Back at our hotel room we kept telling everyone about it and showing them the videos that I had taken.