Random NYC Facts

by Female Abroad

With research comes knowledge and a bunch of random facts. These facts I though were too good to just throw away. As more cross my plate this list will continue to grow so check back soon.

1979: Vassar College were the first private college to have their students be granted permission to study in China.

Delta Phi is the oldest continually operating fraternity and was founded at Union college, Schenectady making it the "Mother of Fraternities". Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Societies also started here

As of 2017, there was more than 380,000 millionaires in the city; if you look at the cost of real estate you'll see why

25% of the world’s gold bullion are in the Federal Bank Reserve’s underground vaults

NYC has the world's highest concentration of peregrine falcon

The state capital is Albany but New York is the largest (and most populated city in the US) and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The fact that you can say "New York" and people know where it is makes it a World Class City as well.

New York City was at one time the capital from 1789 to 1790.

The city is the most linguistically diverse city in the world with about 800 languages being spoken

NYC has the largest :

  1. Jewish population outside of Israel
  2. Polish population outside of Warsaw
  3. Puerto Rican population in the world
  4. population of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere (found in the Western side of Chinatown)

Now you know....

NYC Entertainment Facts

by Female Abroad

New York is the place to go for everything from Broadway to TV shows but how much do you actually know about the "city that never sleeps"? These entertainment themed facts should certainly help you along your way to New York knowledge and might give you something to talk about while you are there.

Eating Out

The Big Apple was coined by musicians meaning "to play the big time".

the Market (Marckvelt) was the first public brewery in America

1895: the first pizzeria in the US is opened by Gennaro Lombardi

Food invented in New York

ice cream cone

pasta primavera

eggs Benedict

The Pictures

Prior to 1930, the movie industry was based in the East.

Paramount Pictures was based out of New York. This studio is also the second oldest surviving film studio in the US and the Fifth oldest worldwide.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes was shot at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens which was built in 1920 and became a historic site in 1978

June 10, 1915: the first presentation of a 3D film was hosted at Manhattan's Astor Theater

The Stage

Jan. 21, 1903: the Majestic Theatre opens with the an original production - the Wizard of Oz

Most Broadway theatres don't have a row "I" as it's too easily confused with the number "1"

1988: Phantom of the Opera opens and continues running today making it the longest running Broadway show (Chicago is in second place and opened 8 years after PotO)

The Producers (2001 version) has won the most Tony awards with a total of 12

It' estimates that 70% of tickets are bought by tourists

Ever seen: Grease, Les Miserable, Funny Girl, Hairspray, The Wizard of Oz, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mama Mia, Chicago, My Fair Lady, Phantom of the Opera, Jersey Boys, Rent, or The Sound of Music? Then you've seen a movie based on a Broadway play (which may have been a book before hand)

There are now roughly 40 Broadway theatres but only 4 theatres are actually on Broadway. All are located in the Theatre District and the proper term is the "Great White Way"

The difference between off-Broadway and Broadway? The number of seats

500+ seats = Broadway

under 500 = Off-Broadway

Relaxing Pastimes

1803: The "New York Post" is established; it is the oldest running newspaper in the US

1843: The first American chess tournament was held