Male and Wanting a great Party Experience?

by Female Abroad

Heading to Vegas just for the nightclubs and party experience with the guys? You will want to head down to Vegas for the weekend, with Friday not being as busy as Saturday. However, that is not saying much, as the clubs will still be full and fun no matter which day you decide to go, but lines will be longer and cover will be more expensive on Saturdays. Either day will be busier than mid-week, as the weekends tend to attract not only locals but a bunch of international tourists who just pop down for the weekend.

If you are headed down for a bachelor party or a boys weekend, then you will want to look at buying a table, getting bottle service, or joining a club crawl because if you plan on getting into a club on the weekend, you will pay through the nose for entrance fees, and the three options mentioned will usually be cheaper than just paying the cover. If there are more than eight of you (the max for most tables), then it might be better to have a boys' night out at a steakhouse, go to a show, visit a lounge or bar, and then head out for cigars.

Still interested in hunting for the ladies? When it comes to clubbing, most will let females in for free or for a much lower cover charge. Which club is the best for meeting women? There isn't really one or the other that is better, and it changes every night. Plus, if you do find ladies that fall a little too easily for you, then you might want to ask how much they plan on charging you for their time. It is, however, very unusual for a nightclub to be a sausage fest or to have all women one night and all men the next because bouncers know they need to let more females in than men because men will pay big bucks to impress gorgeous women... Now there is one thing that is guaranteed: if you are going to try to pick up the ladies, then you will want to head to the latest and trendiest clubs, as the ladies generally want to be in these hot spots.